Robinson Ashe Jr. is a character in Season 2 of Beverly Hills, 90210. He is portrayed by Richard Roundtree.

Character[edit | edit source]

Robinson was a self-made millionaire after inventing his own brand of popcorn. He had always promised his wife, Felicity, that he would eventually move his family out of Inglewood and get a house in Beverly Hills, which he did.

However, he was quick to turn his back on his old world, forbidding his daughter, Sherice, from seeing her old boyfriend, Devo Demars, citing him as a thug and a high-school dropout. Despite this, she continued to see him and he eventually was arrested outside of their home based solely on the fact that he was black.

After this incident, Robinson softened his stance on letting Sherice see Devo and was last seen having dinner with his wife at the home of Jim and Cindy Walsh.

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