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Rock of Ages is the 12th episode of Season 5 of Beverly Hills, 90210.


Kelly and Steve get VIP passes for a Rolling Stones concert. Ray and Donna pose as vendors to get in to the show. Clare and David go to check out the hoopla. Meanwhile, Jesse helps Pres. Walsh prepare for a challenge. Dylan has a rough time in group.



The quiet of the late evening at the Walsh home is suddenly disturbed by loud music from downstairs. Cindy goes to Brandon's room to see if he is playing his hi-fi so loud but he says it isn't him. They go downstairs and find Jim Walsh has just come home from work at the office, and has put a Rolling Stones CD on, and is grooving to the 70's sound of rock & roll. Jim tells them one of his clients gave him some Stones records and promised tickets to the concert at the Rose Bowl. He offers the tickets to Brandon who says even though he has a lot of studying to do, he'll take time out to see and hear this chance of a lifetime concert. Cindy is a little surprised about their enthusiasm. At Kelly's next day, Brandon takes her a Stones T-shirt and invites her to go with him to the concert. She toils him that Seventeen Magazine has already arranged for her to sit in a VIP box and maybe pose for pictures with some of the band. She is concerned about her mid-term exams, particularly the one on Abnormal Psychology, she says. Brandon adds that he too is worried about the Constitutional Review Board that convenes on Friday to rule on the legality of his student body presidency. Alex Diaz has called the meeting to challenge Brandon. At the campus TV studios, Donna, Ray, David and Clare are working on a promotional tape on the Rolling Stones concert. David and Clare are clowning around and Donna reminds them that this is a news bit, not a commentary. Ray tells Donna how he went to a Stones concert when he was six years old. He resents how David and Clare are making fun of the 'Masters of Rock & Roll’. Ray says he would like to take her to hear them at the Rose Bowl.

At a private hospital where Dylan is now a patient, he is visited by Valerie. She brings him a Rolling Stones cap and Tshirt that Brandon has sent. He is pleased to got the gift and says it brings back same memories. Valerie tells how when she went to his house to pick up some toilet articles for him, she found his stash of drugs and flushed it down the toilet, in case the police came searching the premises. Dylan thanks her but then adds that he has to kick this drug habit on his own and he does not want her to come to see him anymore. He feels she should get on with her own life. At the Peach Pit Steve tells Nat he wants to call the new club The Voodoo Lounge and that his father, who is financing it, has said that Dylan must not have anything to do with it. Nat is hesitant, but suggests they go and visit Dylan and tell him. Steve says he has a meeting with Claudette Wells of the Stones organization today about the new club and won't be able to go. Willie, the cook, tells him a message came earlier, postponing the meeting. At the Condor's Nest on campus, Cindy joins Kelly and Andrea. She asks if they have seen Brandon. She says Jim got the tickets for the concert that he wanted. Brandon shows up and is excited about the concert but has found out the Board hearing about his presidency is on Friday night, too. Andrea suggests that Brandon accept Jesse's legal assistance during the meeting. At the beach house David and Clare are on their computer and checking a computer research source for the lyrics to some of the old Stones songs so that they can do a parody. On a computer network they exchange comments about the Stones music with avid fans. David and Clare decide to attend the concert and see first hand what all the shouting is about.

Brandon and Alex meet and discuss the fact that the hearing has been confirmed for that evening and can't be changed. Alex hopes that Brandon will decide to acknowledge his defeat and fail to attend the hearing, but Brandon tells him he will definitely be there. At the Rose Bowl, Donna and Ray have arrived early for the evening concert, but already hopeful fans have formed a long line. Donna is surprised when Ray leads her to the head of the line and they are handed badges and ushered through the gate. Inside the mystery is cleared up when she is handed a uniform and Ray tells her they will be selling souvenir programs. At the Peach Pit, Brandon tells Kelly about his hearing being changed and tells her he'll try to join her before the concert ends. He offers his tickets to Valerie but she says she has to study. Steve thanks him for the offer but says he's going to meet with Claudette Wells and sit in the VIP section. He tells Kelly he has a limo and she can ride with him. Brandon gets a phone call from Jesse and they decide to meet in Brandon's office on campus to go over their strategy. Ray and Donna meet with his cousin, Conway, and are given the programs they are to sell. While waiting for the crowds to enter, Ray takes Donna up on the empty stage and he picks up a guitar and strums a few cords before security chases them off. Steve, Nat and Willis visit Dylan. Dylan tells them that so far everything has gone fine but tonight he has to join the encounter group. That sort of confrontational analysis with other patients can be pretty uncomfortable, Dylan adds. At home, Cindy and Jim are all set for a trip down memory lane, listening to Stones CDs and perhaps a little lovemaking, since Brandon and Valerie are out for the evening. Just as they move into each other's arms for a dance around the room, Valerie shows up. Even though she goes upstairs to study, the mood has been broken.

Before the hearing begins, Brandon talks to Janice. She says she admired the way he handled the Roland Turner affair but she is still in the opposite camp politically. Alex passes by and makes a comment about Brandon having a Latino lawyer to advise him. Inside, they discuss that the panel is made up of three members that are not likely to be instantly sympathetic with Brandon's case. At the Bowl, crowds are surging through the gates as Steve and Kelly arrive in the limo. Kelly shows her VIP pass and goes through the gate, sees her magazine photographer and rushes over to greet him. Steve steps up to the gate and gives his name saying that Claudette has left a pass for him. The official checks the list but finds no Steve Sanders. Steve is sent to another ticket window to have Miss Welles paged. In the crowd, Steve is bumped up against and a few minutes later discovers that his wallet with money and credit cards is missing. He has no identification. At the hospital, Dylan has a confrontation with an older patient who resents Dylan's Beverly Hills background and makes a point of chiding him about wearing the Stones cap. The director of the encounter group finally restores order. At the Bowl, Steve catches sight of Donna selling programs and calls to her for help. Ray offers to help get Steve inside but he'll have to be a vendor, selling ice cream. As the concert begins, Steve heads for the restroom to change out of uniform and back into his regular clothes, intent on making his way to the VIP area, and his meeting with Claudette. At the hearing, Janice has just taken the podium and delivered the opposition's point of view-Brandon is getting more depressed now even with Jesse's encouragement. At the group encounter, Dylan is still being harassed by Charley, who reminds him that rock music goes hand in hand with booze and drugs. Charley tries to get Dylan to take off the cap, but Dylan refuses and stands his ground.

David and Clare are still outside the ticket gate because Mel has failed to show up with the tickets. Finally, David decides to buy tickets from a scalper when Clare threatens to go home. At the VIP area Steve finds that his loss of ID cards still prevents him access to backstage where Claudette is. Kelly spots Steve arguing with security and vouches for his identity. Finally, Steve finds Claudette and to his chagrin, she insists that they go down with the "unwashed hordes’. At the hearing, Jesse discusses their defense strategy and tells Brandon that he wants to tell the panel that he has been wrongfully accused. The truth is that he has been at every Senate meeting and presided over it. Since there are no rules regarding succession to a vacant office, it would be seen that Brandon has shown good faith in maintaining the integrity of the office. The panel holds a brief conference and then rules in Brandon's favor. Janice comes over to congratulate Brandon saying she is glad the whole thing is over. At the concert, everybody is swaying and stomping to the rock rhythms. Even David and Clare have put aside their attitudes and joined in the fun. At the hospital, Charley stops by Dylan's room to tell him he has a new respect for him. Dylan, he says, is the only one in the group who ever stood up to him. After a moment, Charley asks if he can borrow Dylan’s Stones cap. At the Peach Pit all the gang has gathered to relive the excitement of the concert. Brandon and Andrea had arrived in time to hear the final songs. Steve tells them that he was so impressed with the music that he decided against trying to commercialize on it. Someone says they saw David and Clare rushing out to find an all night record store so they could stock up on Rolling Stones CDs. Steve recognizes "Little Richard" come in for a burger. He crosses to him with a proposition about lending his name to the club. The rock star turns on his heels and dashes toward the exit. Everyone cracks up at Steve's reaction.


Jason Priestley as Brandon Walsh
Jennie Garth as Kelly Taylor
Ian Ziering as Steve Sanders
Gabrielle Carteris as Andrea Zuckerman
Luke Perry as Dylan McKay
Brian Austin Green as David Silver
Tori Spelling as Donna Martin
Mark Damon Espinoza as Jesse Vasquez
Tiffani Thiessen as Valerie Malone
Carol Potter as Cindy Walsh
and James Eckhouse as Jim Walsh
Special Guest Stars
Joe E. Tata as Nat Bussichio
Kathleen Robertson as Clare Arnold
Jamie Walters as Ray Pruit
Recurring cast
Jeffrey King as Charley Rollins[1]
Guest starring
F.J. Rio as Alex Diaz
Natalie Belcon as Janice Williams
Julie Cobb as Group Leader
Jack Heller as Aaron Derschenbaum
David Cowgill as Security #1
William Duffy as Doorman
Renée Parent as Claudette Wells
Kara Sachs as Shira
Mary Scheer as Marcia Ramsden
Tom Chick as Joe
Jeff Fried as Scalper
Wesley Allen Gullick as Willie
Ted Haler as Hippie
Larry Mollin as Roadie
Ingo Neuhaus as Special Ticket Taker


  • Dylan and Val mutually decide to end things
  • Dylan sells his share of the Peach Pit


  • There is a deleted scene after the concert, of Little Richard visiting the Peach Pit


you got me rocking | THE ROLLING STONES
jim puts the song on
money (that's what i want) | BARRETT STRONG
steve and nat talk
green onions | BOOKER T. & THE M.Gs
brandon and kelly talk about the concert
it's only rock 'n' roll (but i like it) | THE ROLLING STONES
jim and cindy dance and kiss

Notes and references[]

  1. First appearance of Charley