Roger Azarian is a guest character on Season 1 of FOX teen soap Beverly Hills, 90210. He is portrayed by Matthew Perry.

Character[edit | edit source]

Roger was very popular in high school, having lettered in three sports, was a straight A student, a member of the debating team, involved in the environmental awareness program, and even had an internship at the governor's office during the summer before his introduction. Steve stated Roger would probably be a Rhodes scholar, marry Miss America, and run for president, especially since he was the son of George Azarian, who owned half of Orange County. He had previously dated Kelly Taylor, but according to her, had dumped her because his father had said she wasn't good enough for him.

Brandon Walsh, wanting to write a Senior Spotlight piece on Roger, befriended him and was shocked when he agreed to be interviewed for the paper since he was widely known not to grant interviews. Roger was being pressured by his father to attend Stanford, something that Roger wasn't really aspiring to do after high school. Roger had also written a screenplay which no one had ever read. He let Brandon read it and give his thoughts on it.

Brandon read the screenplay and, due to the autobiographical elements within the script, began to believe that Roger was going to murder his father. Roger had grown to resent his father for his constant overbearing attitude and told his therapist. He also began acting out, wishing to race Dylan McKay in his Porsche, though Dylan declined.

Roger eventually revealed that he was suicidal and had planned on killing himself, especially after he didn't get into Stanford. He took out a gun and pointed in his own face in front of Brandon, but Brandon talked him down. Roger was then admitted into a psychiatric facility. Brandon visited him and Roger insisted he write the story he had originally started.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • He was portrayed by Friends, Go On and The Odd Couple star Matthew Perry.
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