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Rush Sanders is a recurring character on Beverly Hills, 90210. He is portrayed by Jed Allan.


Rush, a flamboyant and brash businessman, is the father of Steve Sanders, who he had with a woman, Karen Brown, who passed away after they'd separated. He also has two younger sons, Ryan and Austin, from another relationship. During Steve's early childhood, Rush married Samantha Sanders, who adopted and raised Steve as her own. Steve would not discover this until he'd come of age. Upon first hearing of an adoption, he initially thought that both his parents had adopted him. While Steve was growing up, Rush's bold, sometimes insensitive nature often strained his relationship with his son.

Series arc[]

This would carry into Steve's early adulthood, until a day arrived when Rush was finally prompted to try setting their bond on its proper course. He later offered Steve proof that he was indeed his biological father, and this moment marked a turning point which led the two men to begin growing closer.

Rush later helped Steve start up a publication, The Beverly Beat, which he ran with his friends Brandon and David. Toward the end of the show's run, Rush became a father-in-law and a grandfather when Steve married Janet Sosna and the couple had a daughter, Madeline.


  • Rush and Samantha divorced when Steve was 5. [1]

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