San Vicente is the twelfth episode of the new Melrose Place series. The episde premiered on December 8, 2009 on The CW.


.Jonah and Riley decide to head to Las Vegas to elope but the day doesn’t quite go as planned. Ella arranges a pitch meeting for Jonah with an important producer who is interested in buying his film. Meanwhile, Lauren calls David after she gets in trouble with one of her male clients and Auggie confesses his true feelings for Riley. Also, an incarcerated Michael gives David information about Sydney’s killer and Amanda bonds with Violet over Sydney, but of course Amanda has an ulterior motive in getting to know Violet. The identity of Sydney's killer is finally revealed. 


Riley receives a sample wedding invitation from her mom. She thinks that since she was divorced, she wants her to have a perfect marriage. Jonah suggests they drive to Vegas and elope. Riley agrees to his plan.

Ella tells Lauren that Jonah isn't talking to her. Lauren wonders why she is so bent out of shape over Jonah. Ella explains Jonah gets her. Lauren reminds her that Jonah is engaged. Lauren gets a call from Rick, a client who asks her to provide him with some company. Lauren asks him to meet her at the hotel.

While Heather is stuck in traffic, she looks over blueprints of Melrose Place. She remembers meeting with Sydney in a church. Heather told Sydney she is a thief and asked her where the painting is. Heather said the painting is worth 19 million dollars. Sydney told her she betrayed her when she slept with Michael. Heather said they are business partners and not friends. Heather said she will do what ever it takes to get the painting back.  Ella visits with Jonah to apologize. She explains having him out of her life sucks. Ella says she can get him in a pitch meeting with a producer named Curtis Heller. Ella programs her social profile into Jonah's phone. Jonah says he plans on going to Las Vegas to marry Riley. Ella tells him she is really happy for him and suggests he get married by Elvis.

Vanessa visits Michael in prison. She tells him she can't believe he had an affair with Sydney and wants a divorce. Michael tells Vanessa he thinks she is the one who killed Sydney. He says when her prints turn up, everyone will know the truth.

Riley visits Auggie as he cooks. She says she is sorry she called the police and should have followed her gut by trusting him. Auggie asks her if she would like to hang out during a run, but Riley says she is eloping with Jonah. Auggie tells her she shouldn't commit since she doesn't know what kind of life she wants. Riley gets angry and assures him she wants to be with Jonah.

Michael calls David and asks him for help. He says Vanessa went to Sydney's house when she died. He asks him to pick up his son Noah and keep him safe.

Lauren meets with Rick at the hotel. He suggests she try a new drug called Nexus, but she declines. She gets undressed and gets on the bed.

Jonah gets packed to go to Las Vegas. He explains that Ella is going to text him soon to tell him about his upcoming pitch. Riley tells him he has nothing to worry about since he is a great story teller. Jonah sees that Riley is slow to pack and suspects she is waffling. He suggests he call her parents and let them know, but she says no. Jonah gets a call from Ella who tells him to meet her at the London hotel. At the hotel, Ella tells Curtis he has a break until he has to do more interviews. She tells him about Jonah and explains he has the first shot to hear his pitch. She introduces Jonah and Curtis to each other. She explains Jonah is a genius director. Jonah goes through his scenes that are on cards, but Ella takes them away. Jonah tells his story, but it fails to impress Curtis.

After having sex with Rick, Lauren feels very hot. As she walks towards the bathroom, she becomes woozy and falls to the ground. Lauren figures he slipped her something. Rick says he thought she would get into the drugs after she tried it. Lauren tells Rick he should go.

Back at the hotel, Lauren hears her phone ring. David tells her he can't meet her for dinner. Lauren begss him to help her at the hotel.

After the meeting, Jonah tells Ella he thinks Curtis was sleeping with his eyes open. Ella tells him he was brilliant during his pitch. Jonah says he has to take off to get married.

David picks up Noah and brings him to Melrose. David asks Violet to look over Noah while he takes off to help Lauren. Noah tells Violet he knows her, since she interviewed to be his nanny. David tells Violet he thinks Vanessa killed Sydney. Vanessa arrives at Melrose to look for Noah. She remembers going to Sydney's house and called her a bitch. Sydney said if she didn't satisfy Michael, he wouldn't cheat. She saw David passed out in her bed. The two got in a fight after Sydney suggested David was Noah's father. Vanessa stabbed and killed Sydney then placed the knife in David's hand. Just before she leaves the apartment complex, Vanessa hears Noah playing.

Ella finds Jonah out on the street and tells him that Curtis wants to buy his movie. Ella says Curtis wants him to pitch the movie to the studio on Thursday. Riley suggests the don't go to Vegas so he can work on his pitch. Riley explains this is a once and a lifetime opportunity. Jonah figures she is concerned about her mom. Riley says a lot has happened since they got engaged. She explains she feels she is completely lost since she lost her job. Riley tells he can give her something to calm her nerves which is not to marry her.

David finds Lauren unconscious in the hotel.At the hospital, the doctors tell David that they think Lauren had an overdose.

Vanessa searches for Noah and knocks on Violet's door. She realizes Violet interviewed to be Noah's nanny. She asks where Noah is, but she says she doesn't know. Violet tells Vanessa that she thinks she killed her mom Sydney. Violet remembers when Sydney told her that turning her back on her was a big mistake then gave her a hug. Violet and Vanessa get in a fight that leads to the pool. Violet ends up killing her just as Heather arrives. She explains Vanessa killed her mom. Violet tells Detective Rodgriguez that Vanessa had a gun. Heather says she saw everything and Violet was just defending herself.

Auggie meets with Riley in the apartment who tells him that she is not getting married to Jonah. Auggie says it is probably better she figure it out now than later. Riley tells him that he might be right, but it might not be the best. Auggie asks her if she feels something for her, then gives her a kiss as Violet watches. Riley pushes him away and tells him he needs to leave.

Jonah meets with Ella as she cleans the hotel. He admits that he and Riley broke up. He believes that Riley never wanted to get married. He wonders if Riley ever got him since they were totally different people. Jonah figures he should be with someone who believes in him. Jonah gives her a kiss just before they make out.

Violet burns a recent portrait of Auggie she painted. Auggie decides to drink and end his sobriety. At the hospital, David waits with Lauren as she recovers.

Ella tells Jonah she doesn't want to be a one night stand and asks him if he is sure he wants to continue. They undress and go to bed.




Guest StarringEdit

  • Nolan North as Curtis Heller
  • Cameron Castaneda as Noah Mancini
  • Brock Cuchna as Brock
  • Niall Matter as Rick Paxton


  • Dr. Mancini: There was a necklace on the ground. I took it.
  • Vanessa: To cover up your crime.
  • Dr. Mancini: No, to protect my family. If they were to lock you up, Noah would be traumatized. And I could not let that happen.
  • Vanessa: You're willing to say anything to save yourself, aren't you?
  • Dr. Mancini: I don't have to say anything. When your prints turn up, everybody's gonna know the truth.
  • Vanessa: You don't just need a need a psychiatrist.

  • Vanessa: You were having an affair with Sydney Andrews. Was it easier for you to kill the poor woman than to tell your wife?
  • Michael: Bravo, Vanessa. I never knew you were such a fine actress.
  • Vanessa: I came here to tell you I want a divorce.
  • Michael: I know you killed Syd.

  • Ella: So how long do you plan on hating me? Because these heels make walking on eggshells very tough.
  • Jonah: Oh, I'm sorry. Did, um, selling me out inconvenience you?

  • Sydney: (to Amanda) Don't you ever get tired of falsely accusing people? Even the lord rested on the seventh day.

  • Amanda: You're a thief, Sydney. I want it back. Now.
  • Sydney: Why would I ever steal from the big, bad Amanda Woodward?
  • Amanda: Where is it?
  • Sydney: I told you, I never received the painting.
  • Amanda: I didn't have it stolen from an Upper East Side co-op so it could be sent third-class mail. That painting is worth nineteen million dollars

  • Jonah: (referring to his meeting with Curtis Heller) Okay, he was just sleeping with his eyes a lizard.
  • Ella: I know, I was about to check his pulse and then I saw him blink. 
  • Jonah: You know, I was seriously thinking of throwing, like, one of those little pretzels at him, just hit him and see if he was still alive, even.


  • "Take Me Back" by Tinchy Stryder
  • "Swing" by Zero 7
  • "New Heights" by A Fine Frenzy
  • "Blah Blah Blah" by Ke$ha ft. 3Oh3
  • "I Came 2 Party" by Space Cowboy ft. Paradiso Girls
  • "Gotta Get Smart" by El Perro Del Mar
  • "Hurricane Drunk" by Florence & The Machine



  • Curtis Heller: (referring to Jonah) Come on, Ella, just have his agent call Craig.
  • Ella: Oh, okay, we can do that. I just thought you know, since Scott Rudin was meeting with him tomorrow and then he was meeting with Harvey Weinstein...
  • Scott Rudin is a movie and theater producer who won an Academy Award in 2008 for his work on No Country for Old Men. Harvey Weinstein is a movie producer who co-founded Mirimax Films. Some of his more famous movies include Lord of the Rings and Sin City.

  • Ella: (to Jonah) You know what we need? Kill Bill 1 and 2 at The New Beverly. I'm smelling popcorn, Red Vines, and lots and lots of Uma.
  • Kill Bill is a two-volume revenge drama film written and directed by Quentin Tarantino. The movies were released in 2003 and 2004 and starred Uma Thurman in the lead role as a former assassin.

  • Ella: (introducing Jonah to Curtis Heller) Jonah Miller, a.k.a, the new Spike Jonze, I would like you to meet Curtis Heller.
  • Spike Jonze is a director who gained popularity with his work on music videos and commercials. Later in his career, Jonze transitioned into movies and TV shows, directing the 1999 movie Being John Malkovich and co-creating the MTV series Jackass.


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