Sean Cavanaugh is a minor character on Season 1 of CW teen soap 90210. He is portrayed by Josh Henderson.


After arriving in Beverly Hills, Sean claimed to be the son of Harry Wilson and Tracy Clark, as the two had a child together while they were both teenagers.

Sean introduced himself to the Wilsons at the 16th birthday party of Harry's daughter Annie, also meeting Tracy's daughter Naomi. He was soon invited to stay with the Wilsons while in town. His arrival initially prompted a degree of jealously in Dixon, due to the amount of time spent between Sean and Harry. However, Dixon and Harry eventually resolved the matter with a discussion, leading Dixon and Sean to becomes well. During a private phone call, Sean later informed someone that he'd arrived in Beverly Hills, and had won over the family.

Annie and her mother Debbie eventually began growing suspicious of Sean's identity, particularly when Annie overheard one of his phone calls. Sean then claimed that he was being harassed by men who wanted him to pay his adopted father's gambling debt, and that going to the authorities for help would be risky. When Harry and Tracy offered to give Sean the money, Debbie and Annie confronted Harry and requested a paternity test. Sean agreed, but suddenly left town the next morning without telling anyone. It was also revealed that he'd received a degree of money from the Clark family. This led the Wilsons, Naomi, and a reluctant Tracy to conclude that Sean was not who he claimed to be, but someone who'd intended to scam them.

Later it turns out the real son of Harry Wilson and Tracy Clark was Mark Holland.