Season 3 of American teen soap Beverly Hills, 90210 aired on FOX.


The summer before senior year begins with Brenda and boyfriend Dylan still deeply in love, much to the chagrin of Brenda's disapproving parents. To force a little distance, they send Brenda to Paris for the summer with Donna, herself the subject of a French modeling subplot — while halfway around the world Dylan and Kelly discover a growing mutual attraction and begin an illicit summer fling. The seniors deal with the beginning of the rest of their lives while David struggles with accepting the fact that his friends will soon leave for college while he is stuck in high school and decides to fast track in order to catch up.


The series continues to plug along at a rapid and highly dramatic pace. This season, the gang tackles eating disorders, gambling addiction, birth, death, incest, infidelity, car accidents, racism, homelessness, and one whopper of a love triangle, along with, of course, the standard high school fare of college applications, SAT scores, and graduation anxiety. 90210 continues to revolve around Minnesota transplants Brandon and Brenda Walsh, though with every season the twins’ Midwestern roots seem to matter a little less. Also the season points more view on the other characters (apart from the twins) and shows character development on Kelly Taylor.


Jason Priestley as Brandon Walsh
Shannen Doherty as Brenda Walsh
Jennie Garth as Kelly Taylor
Ian Ziering as Steve Sanders
Gabrielle Carteris as Andrea Zuckerman
Luke Perry as Dylan McKay
Brian Austin Green as David Silver
Tori Spelling as Donna Martin
Carol Potter as Cindy Walsh
James Eckhouse as Jim Walsh

Special Guest Stars

Stephanie Beacham as Iris McKay (3 episodes)
Dylan's mother
Alice Krige as Anne Berrisford ("Wild Horses")
Rosie O'Donnell as Herself ("Destiny Rides Again")
Burt Reynolds as Himself ("She Came In Through The Bathroom Window")
Cathy Dennis as Herself ("A Night To Remember")

Recurring cast

Joe E. Tata as Nat Bussichio (24 episodes)
Owner of the Peach Pit and friend to all
Denise Dowse as Mrs. Teasley (14 episodes)
West Beverly Vice Principal
Mark Kiely as Gil Meyers (11 episodes)
AP English teacher and Blaze faculty advisor
Dana Barron as Nikki Witt (9 episodes)
A sophomore transfer student at West Beverly
Michael Cudlitz as Tony Miller (9 episodes)
Football player who likes Brenda


Ann Gillespie as Jackie Taylor (13 episodes)
Kelly's mother
Josh Taylor as Jack McKay (7 episodes)
Dylan's father
Matthew Laurance as Mel Silver (4 episodes)
David's father
Katherine Cannon as Felice Martin (2 episodes)
Donna's mother
Christine Belford as Samantha Sanders ("The Kindness Of Strangers")
Steve's mother
Michael Durrell as John Martin ("Something In The Air")
Donna's father
Uncredited as Bill Taylor ("Commencement: Part 2")
Kelly's father

Guest starring

Michael Rawlins as Jordan Bonner (6 episodes)
James Pickens Jr. as Henry Thomas (5 episodes)
Dean Cain as Rick (4 episodes)
Cory Tyler as Herbert Little (4 episodes)
Nicholle Tom as Sue Scanlon (4 episodes)
Valerie Wildman as Christine Pettit (4 episodes)
Jennifer Grant as Celeste Lundy (3 episodes)
Darrell Thomas Utley as Cameron Shaw (3 episodes)
Peter Krause as Jay Thurman (3 episodes)
Alexandra Wilson as Brooke Alexander (3 episodes)
Krista Errickson as Maggie (3 episodes)
Raymond O'Connor as Curtis Bray (3 episodes)
Billy Vera as Duke Weatherill (3 episodes)
Meg Wittner as Ellen Shaw (2 episodes)
Melissa Young as Lynnette (2 episodes)
David Sherrill as Jack Canner (2 episodes)
Chadd Nyerges as B.J. Harrison (2 episodes)
Paula Trickey as Dottie (2 episodes)
Shawn Levy as Howard Banchek (2 episodes)
Leanna Creel as Rory ("The Twins, The Trustee And The Very Big Trip")
Monica Lacy as Claire ("The Twins, The Trustee And The Very Big Trip")
Max Coppola as Pierre ("Sex, Lies And Volleyball/Photo Fini")
David Lascher as Kyle Conners ("Home and Away")
Jenny O'Hara as Pam Scanlon ("A Presumption Of Innocence")
David Arquette as Dennis "Diesel" Stone ("Wild Horses")
Melanie Smith as Alyssa Garner ("The Kindness Of Strangers")
Thomas Wilson Brown as Joe Wardlow ("The Game Is Chicken")
Seth Green as Wayne ("The Game Is Chicken")
Vidal Peterson as Adam ("The Game Is Chicken")
Cathy Podewell as Ginger O'Hara/Marla Crawford ("She Came In Through The Bathroom Window")


Season 3/Gallery



Misery Loves Company

15 JULY 1992 Steve Wasserman
& Jessica Klein
51 1
Brenda defies her parents and continues to secretly see Dylan. Brandon returns to work for the summer at the Beverly Hills Beach Club to find that his parents are new members and Andrea now working there as the child-care supervisor. Also, Steve and Brandon bet on whether Steve can hold down a job at the Peach Pit for a single week.

The Twins, The Trustee And The Very Big Trip

22 JULY 1992 Charles Rosin 52 2
Brenda and Dylan struggle with living together and the war with her parents. Steve and Brandon both make a date with the same girl — or so they think. And Kelly falls in love with her little sister, leaving Donna to go to Paris by herself.

Too Little, Too Late/Paris 75001

29 JULY 1992 Maria Semple & Jonathan Roberts/
Karen Rosin
53 3
Brenda and Donna adjust to living in Paris, but Brenda's french isn't as good as she thinks it is and the girls end up eating some questionable food at La Champagne. Andrea councils a def child, who has difficulty adjusting to summer camp. When her summer romance Jay (Peter Krause) invites Andrea to join him at the Republican National Convention, Brandon realises he's developing feelings for her.

Sex, Lies and Volleyball/Photo Fini

5 AUGUST 1992 Chris Brancato & Kenneth Biller/
Karen Rosin
54 4
Brandon and Steve compete for the affections of a tough volleyball player named Brooke. Meanwhile, a new girl in town, named Nikki Witt, flirts with David. In Paris, a French photographer persuades Donna to start modelling for him, while Brenda tries to fit in with her Paris crowd and takes up smoking.

Shooting Star/American in Paris

12 AUGUST 1992 Steve Wasserman & Jessica Klein/
Karen Rosin
55 5
Brenda meets an American in Paris and wonders whether they were destined to meet. Brandon tries to help out a homeless veteran and introduces his new girlfriend, Brooke, to his parents. Steve likes David's music and offers to become his manager. Dylan invites Kelly to spend the night under the stars with him.

Castles In The Sand

19 AUGUST 1992 Ann Donahue 56 6
Brenda geta a funny vibe from Dylan upon her return, while Brandon sees little amusement in Brooke's bigotry. And manager Steve negotiates a gig for client David.

A Song of Myself

9 SEPTEMBER 1992 Chris Brancato & Kenneth Biller 57 7
Brenda, Steve and Donna volunteer as senior buddies to the new freshmen; Brandon decides he's gonna have fun this year, but is suprised, along with Andrea, when their new Blaze faculty advisor has other plans. Meanwhile, Kelly finds herself wishing she could be with Brenda's boyfriend

The Back Story

16 SEPTEMBER 1992 Karen Rosin 58 8
Smoking becomes the least of problems between Kelly and Brenda, who discusses Beverly Hills high-school life with a tabloid-TV show; Brandon starts seeing too much of Nikki; Steve is tempted by an academic short cut.


1 OCTOBER 1992 Star Frohman 59 9
While Andrea dreams of Yale and Steve hopes for USC, Donna finds a school, Brandon and Brenda fight about who will go out of state, and Kelly and Dylan agree college isn't for everyone.

Home and Away

7 OCTOBER 1992 Chip Johannessen 60 10
Brandon goes out on an editorial limb after the school board cancels West Beverly's football game with a school whose last game erupted in fatal violence.

A Presumption of Innocence

21 OCTOBER 1992 Karen Rosin 61 11
Meyers's future is on the line over a sexual-misconduct charge, but he's more concerned about the future of his accuser. Meanwhile, surfing becomes hazardous to Dylan's health; and Brandon hits the dance floor.

Destiny Rides Again

4 NOVEMBER 1992 Steve Wasserman
& Jessica Klein
62 12
Fate touches Brenda; random tragedy strikes Andrea; and Donna gets advice from her priest and comedienne Rosie O'Donnell. Meanwhile, SAT scores have Steve recruiting help and Dylan under fire.

Rebel With A Cause

11 NOVEMBER 1992 Star Frohman 63 13
Steve is squeezed as he stays close to the computer-tampering investigation; mutual admirers are Rick and Jim, and Jim and his new secretary; when things in Dylan's life head south, he heads out.

Wild Horses

18 NOVEMBER 1992 Kenneth Biller 64 14
On the road, Dylan finds comfort with Anne, a wealthy heiress living at a remote ranch. Back in Beverly Hills, Donna tries to repair Brenda and Kelly's damaged friendship and Brandon learns first-hand about Nikki's abusive past when her musician ex-boyfriend, Diesel, shows up.

The Kindness of Strangers

25 NOVEMBER 1992 Steve Wasserman
& Jessica Klein
65 15
Brandon meets the veteran from the Beach Club and invites him home for Thanksgiving. Dylan's father gets a holiday release and invites his girlfriend over, much to Dylan's chagrin. Meanwhile, Steve tries to work up the courage to tell his mother that he's been expelled.

It's A Totally Happening Life

16 DECEMBER 1992 Karen Rosin & Charles Rosin 66 16
It's Christmas and everyone's miserable and fighting with each other. Guardian angel-in-training, Miriam, guides her boss, Clarence, in how the situation is about to get dangerous for the kids at West Beverly.

The Game Is Chicken

3 JANUARY 1993 Chip Johannessen 67 17
Brenda and Kelly agree to have Cindy set them up on a blind double date with two guys from Princeton. Steve meets a drag-racer in detention, who may lead to finding the perp who hit Andrea.

Midlife... Now What?

13 JANUARY 1992 Lana Freistat Melman 68 18
The four girls, along with Cindy and Jackie, go on a weekend spa retreat, where Brenda learns an uncomfortable secret. Brandon starts gambling directly with Nat's bookie, Duke. Dylan struggles to choose between Brenda and Kelly.

Back In The High Life Again

27 JANUARY 1993 Steve Wasserman
& Jessica Klein
69 19
Jack McKay decides to throw a party at the Bel Age hotel to celebrate his release from prison. Dylan invites both Brenda and Kelly, and everyone, but later that evening makes a decision to be with just one. Mel and Jackie's marriage crumbles, leaving David afraid that he'll no longer see his baby sister. Meanwhile, Brandon's interest in gambling takes a dangerous turn.

Parental Guidance Recommended

3 FEBRUARY 1993 Chip Johannessen 70 20
Brenda is devastated at the betrayal. Andrea attends a tea for future Yale students where she unexpectedly meets a familiar face – Jordan Bonner. Iris McKay visits Beverly Hills to protect Dylan from Jack's monetary interests and comforts Brenda. David is offered a record deal, with contingencies that could spell disaster in his personal life.

Dead End

10 FEBRUARY 1993 Star Frohman 71 21
Brenda asks Donna to join her and Cindy in a self-defense class. Jordan asks Andrea out, prompting Brandon's jealousy. Dylan lives with his father and Christine at a yacht, but is unaware that the yacht is being watched. Brandon gambling gets out of hand and he fears for his safety.

The Child Is Father To The Man

17 FEBRUARY 1993 Karen Rosin & Charles Rosin 72 22
Dylan is under siege by press following Jack's murder, but is invited to take refuge at the Walshes — by Brenda. Everyone rallies around Dylan, except for Kelly who is more focused on what she's doing wrong. David worries he won't make it to the wake.

Duke's Bad Boy

3 MARCH 1993 Steve Wasserman
& Jessica Klein
73 23
Andrea and Dylan find they have a lot in common as she helps him deal with his father's death. Brandon starts losing it when he owes more than he has and fears for his safety. David's record deal goes south when his songs have been horribly mixed.

Perfectly Perfect

24 MARCH 1993 Gillian Horvath 74 24
Steve talks Brandon into joining him for a TV dating game show entitled Love At First Sight. Donna plans a surprise 18th birthday party for Kelly, whose dieting is getting out of hand.

Senior Poll

7 APRIL 1993 Chip Johannessen 75 25
Brenda mulls over whether she really will leave Beverly Hills and return to Minnesota for college. Andrea supports Dylan as he writes an editorial for the Blaze. Steve forgets he's dateless when he goes out with Brandon and his parents to a Lakers basketball game and is randomly chosen to win $10,000 for a half-court shot. Meanwhile, Kelly feels that no one sees beyond her exterior

She Came In Through The Bathroom Window

21 APRIL 1993 Ken Stringer 76 26
Brenda, Andrea, Kelly, Donna and David go to Magic Mountain for Senior Ditch Day. Brandon has to work, while Dylan studies and a restless Steve tries to impress a tour guide, who is not who she seems to be.

A Night To Remember

28 APRIL 1993 Jessica Klein 77 27
Brenda and Brandon feel listless as they are dateless for the Senior Prom, while Andrea is going with Jordan Bonner, Steve with Celeste Lundy and the other couples. Meanwhile, Donna is nervous about making it with David at the hotel where the Prom is held.

Something In The Air

12 MAY 1993 Jessica Klein 78 28
Brandon leads other in taking a risk with some '60s-style activism after Donna is censured in a disciplinary hearing regarding her prom-night activity

Commencement: Part 1

19 MAY 1993 Karen Rosin & Charles Rosin 79 29
With 24 hours until graduation, Andrea frets with Brandon over her coming valedictorian speech and her college choice of California University or Yale, as does Brenda with Minnesota. Meanwhile, Dylan gets a windfall when he inherits his trust fund worth $10 million, and a surprise visit from his mother Iris. On graduation day, David and Donna are the emcee's at the Senior Breakfast gathering

Commencement: Part 2

19 MAY 1993 Charles Rosin 80 30
Graduation nears and everyone is hanging out, enjoying their last moments as seniors. Andrea is in a panic over her speech, but is supported by Brandon, who thinks she may have feelings for him. Dylan finds closure and inspiration for how to move forward after high school. Brenda decides on Minnesota, but doesn't tell anyone. Steve assembles the gang as they transform the familiar Hollywood sign into a memento.