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Season 5 of Beverly Hills, 90210 aired on FOX television network.


This season follows the gang during their sophomore year in college. Dylan's problems with alcohol and drugs return, as Brenda decides to stay in drama school in London, leaving her room at the Walsh's house vacant. Cindy and Jim take in their friend's daughter Valerie Malone, an old family friend of the Walshes, who arrives in Beverly Hills seeking refuge after her father's suicide. Valerie almost immediately becomes the love interest of both Steve and Dylan and displays a penchant for smoking pot in the Walsh's house and shooting pool in comically seedy pool halls in the middle of the day. The two other new romantic storylines feature Clare Arnold, first seen as Brandon's stalker and eventually as David's rebound girl after he is dumped by Donna; and working-class Ray Pruit, the new boyfriend of Donna. Brandon ran and won California University student body vice-president but after Josh (the president) died in a car crash Brandon became president but had to deal with a lot of hate stories.


Jason Priestley as Brandon Walsh (31 episodes)
Jennie Garth as Kelly Taylor (30 episodes)
Ian Ziering as Steve Sanders (31 episodes)
Gabrielle Carteris as Andrea Zuckerman (28 episodes)
Luke Perry as Dylan McKay
Brian Austin Green as David Silver
Tori Spelling as Donna Martin
Mark Damon Espinoza as Jesse Vasquez (26 episodes)
Tiffani Thiessen as Valerie Malone
Carol Potter as Cindy Walsh (31 episodes)
James Eckhouse as Jim Walsh (30 episodes)
Special Guest Stars
Kathleen Robertson as Clare Arnold (30 episodes)
Joe E. Tata as Nat Bussichio (27 episodes)
Jamie Walters as Ray Pruit (25 episodes)
Caroline McWilliams as LuAnn Pruit (7 episodes)
Stephanie Beacham as Iris McKay (4 episodes)
Christine Elise as Emily Valentine (2 episodes)
Noley Thornton as Erica McKay (2 episodes)
James Handy as Tom Rose (2 episodes)
Milton Berle as Saul Howard ("Sentenced To Life")
Howie Long as Himself ("What I Did On My Summer Vacation And Other Stories")
Cobi Jones as Himself ("Under The Influence")
Paul Caligiuri as Himself ("Under The Influence")
Jade as Themselves ("You Gotta Have Heart")
The Flaming Lips as Themselves ("Love Hurts")
Dick Dale as Himself ("P.S. I Love You: Part 1")

Recurring cast[]

Ryan Brown as Morton Muntz (9 episodes)
K.E.G. member and friend of Steve's
Jeffrey King as Charley Rollins (8 episodes)
A guy Dylan meets in rehab
James C. Victor as Peter Tucker (7 episodes)
A doctor who Andrea works with
Nicholas Pryor as Chancellor Arnold (7 episodes)
The CU Chancellor and Clare's father
Casper Van Dien as Griffin Stone (7 episodes)
A KEG guy who Donna dates


Katherine Cannon as Felice Martin (7 episodes)
Donna's mother
Jed Allan as Rush Sanders (7 episodes)
Steve's father
Ann Gillespie as Jackie Taylor (6 episodes)
Kelly's mother
Matthew Laurance as Mel Silver (4 episodes)
David's father
Michael Durrell as Dr. John Martin (3 episodes)
Donna's father
Bess Meisler as Rose Zuckerman (2 episodes)
Andrea's paternal grandmother
Josh Taylor as Jack McKay ("The Dreams Of Dylan McKay")
Dylan's father
Caroline Lagerfelt as Sheila Silver ("A Song For My Mother")
David's mother

Guest starring[]

Alan Toy as Patrick Finley (5 episodes)
F.J. Rio as Alex Diaz (5 episodes)
Natalie Belcon as Janice Williams (4 episodes)
Gregg Daniel as Dean Whitmore (4 episodes)
Sara Melson as Alison Lash (4 episodes)
Wings Hauser as J. Jay Jones (4 episodes)
Jane Daly as Dr. Molly Campbell (4 episodes)
Jonathan Gries as Dope Dealer (4 episodes)
Cress Williams as D'Shawn Hardell (3 episodes)
Denise Dowse as Mrs. Teasley (3 episodes)
Tim Lounibos as Walter Chen (3 episodes)
Valerie Wildman as Christine Pettit (2 episodes)
Joshua Beckett as Josh Richland (2 episodes)
Kerrie Keane as Suzanne Steele (2 episodes)
David Hayward as Kevin Weaver (2 episodes)
Kristen Dalton as Jamie Young (2 episodes)
Larry Sellers as Sheriff Al Whitefeather (2 episodes)
Tracy Fraim as Lenny Zeminski (2 episodes)
David Bowe as Garrett Slan (2 episodes)
Miranda Viscoli as Amy (2 episodes)
Ron Fassler as Chad ("What I Did on My Summer Vacation and Other Stories")
Claudia Lonow as Hairdresser ("What I Did on My Summer Vacation and Other Stories")
Vance Valencia as Juarez ("What I Did on My Summer Vacation and Other Stories")
David Dean as Travis Farnham ("Under The Influence")
Nancy Sorel as Gloria Richland ("Life After Death")
Cheryl Miller as Nanette Stone ("Life After Death")
Barry Cullison as Security Guard ("Life After Death")
Aki Aleong as President Ferdinand Quintero ("Homecoming")
Reamy Hall as Kaye Whitney ("Homecoming")
James Calvert as Ben Lerner ("Homecoming")
Ladd York as SCU Mascot Guard ("Homecoming")
Burke Byrnes as Fire Marshall ("Who's Zoomin' Who")
John Voldstad as Clerk ("Things That Go Bang In The Night")
Marc McClure as Teacher ("Things That Go Bang In The Night")
James Noah as Dr. Parker ("Intervention")
Mackenzie Phillips as Counselor Ellen Marks ("Intervention")
Kaitlin Hopkins as Lisa Murchinson ("Intervention")
Clayton Rohner as Dr. Fox ("The Dreams Of Dylan McKay")
Carole Ita White as Nurse Bethany ("The Dreams Of Dylan McKay")
Robert David Hall as Beggar ("The Dreams Of Dylan McKay")
Richard Reicheg as Doctor ("The Dreams Of Dylan McKay")
Jon Kean as Noah Levy ("Hate Is Just A Four-Letter Word")
Judy Ann Elder as Nora Touissant ("Hate Is Just A Four-Letter Word")
Frantz Turner as Roland Turner ("Hate Is Just A Four-Letter Word")
Julie Cobb as Group Leader ("Rock Of Ages")
Jack Heller as Aaron Derschenbaum ("Rock Of Ages")
Allan Wasserman as Tom Hackman ("Injustice for All")
Milton James as Ray's Uncle ("Injustice for All")
William Fuller as The Judge ("Injustice for All")
Gina Gallego as FBI Receptionist ("Christmas Comes This Time Each Year")
Nick Angotti as Santa ("Christmas Comes This Time Each Year")
Sam Scarber as Special Agent Cobb ("Christmas Comes This Time Each Year")
Kenneth Tigar as Mr. Warren ("Sentenced To Life")
Kari Wuhrer as Ariel Hunter ("Little Monsters")
Terri Hawkes as Adrienne ("You Gotta Have Heart")
Michael Whaley as Felix ("You Gotta Have Heart")
Stan Cahill as Greg Jarret ("Stormy Weather")
Mark Taylor Mr. Brennan ("Unreal World")
Joey Slotnick as Tuck ("Unreal World")
Tom Knickerbocker as Scott McPhearson ("A Song For My Mother")
Vicellous Reon Shannon as Juwan ("Squash It")
Benjamin Kimball Smith as Warren Gruzin ("Squash It")
Keith Brunsmann as N/A ("Squash It")
Harvey Silver as Stephan ("Squash It")
James Whitmore, Jr. as Stagecoach Passenger ("The Real McCoy")
Michele Maika as Dixie ("The Real McCoy")
David Anthony Marshall as Zeke ("The Real McCoy")
Peter Sherayko as Stagecoach Guard ("The Real McCoy")
Mark Kiely as Gil Meyers ("Hello Life, Goodbye Beverly Hills")


The most popular zip code of the '90s changes dramatically in the fifth season, the halfway point of the show's 10-year run. With the departure of one of the primary characters -- Brenda Walsh -- multiple new faces arrive (and stick around) on Beverly Hills, 90210 for the first time. This is Tiffani Thiessen's first season as Valerie Malone and this is the last season for Gabrielle Carteris, Mark Damon Espinoza, Carol Potter and James Eckhouse as series regulars as their characters Andrea Zuckerman, Jesse Vasquez, Cindy Walsh and Jim Walsh, respectively.


  • Alyssa Milano was offered the part of Valerie Malone, but turned it down.[1]
    • Heidi Lenhart, who would portray Ellen in Season 10, was on the short-list to portray Valerie.[1]
    • A common rumour that is false is that Drew Barrymore was offered the part.[2]
  • Tiffani-Amber Thiessen had just finished working on Saved by the Bell: The College Years. Both shows were set at the fictional California University, so she ends SBTB at the end of her freshman year at CU and now joins 90210 in her sophomore year.
  • This season introduces the Peach Pit's after-hours club, Peach Pit After Dark, initially run by Steve.
  • The fifth season aired Wednesday nights at 8/9c in the United States averaging 14.7 million viewers a week.
  • The season was released on DVD as an eight disc boxed set under the title of Beverly Hills, 90210: The Fifth Season on July 29, 2008 by CBS DVD.
  • Tiffani-Amber Thiessen played a character named Kelly on Saved By The Bell and Valerie on Beverly Hills, 90210, while Jennie Garth portrayed Kelly on the series and later starred on What I Like About You... as Valerie.


Season 5/Gallery


1 What I Did on My Summer Vacation and Other Stories 7 SEPTEMBER 1994 C. Rosin/Mollin 113
The Walshes welcome a young family friend who's moving into Brenda's room. Meanwhile, the post-summer news: Donna declares she's over David; Steve decides to pursue Kelly anew, unaware that she's with Brandon; and Dylan's dilemma sends him back to the bottle.
2 Under The Influence 14 SEPTEMBER 1994 Chip Johannessen 114
Brandon is offered a chance to run for campus office; the university's day-care program leaves Andrea wanting; cash-poor Dylan creates a scene after learning that Kelly and Brandon are a couple; Donna decides to go to Houston to be a debutante.
3 A Clean Slate 21 SEPTEMBER 1994 Richard Gollance 115
Valerie and Dylan meet - and then some; campus politics beleaguer Brandon, who shines at a debate, but a scandal threatens to tarnish his reputation; Kelly and Donna's new roommate has a problem.
4 Life After Death 28 SEPTEMBER 1994 Wasserman/Klein 116
Brandon has trouble handling his personal loss and a challenge to his political position; Valerie agrees to ground rules with Dylan; David finds a woman too close to home for Donna's liking, until she finds a new man herself.
5 Rave On 5 OCTOBER 1994 Larry Mollin 117
Steve revitalizes The Peach Pit; babysitting for Andrea inspires Cindy to check her biological clock; Kelly's senses alert her to be suspicious of Valerie; Donna makes a new friend in a video project with David and Clare.
6 Homecoming 12 OCTOBER 1994 Meredith Stiehm 118
President Walsh is pressed into action against the chancellor's friend, a visiting Asian dignitary accused of human-rights violations. Meanwhile, Valerie helps plan the theft of a rival college's mascot, but Donna skips the caper to spend time with Ray.
7 Who's Zoomin' Who? 19 OCTOBER 1994 Karen Rosin 119
Kelly's disapproval of her mother's return to modelling increases when she learns her baby sister is involved; a proposed Peach Pit expansion leads to an exposure of Dylan's finances; Donna has trouble balancing Griffin and Ray; David's experiment with Clare backfires.
8 Things That Go Bang In The Night 26 OCTOBER 1994 Chip Johannessen 120
Andrea's not pleased to see the gift Hannah received at a Day of the Dead celebration; Valerie fails to bewitch Dylan, who slips deeper into a nether world; Donna's haunted when her suitors cross paths on Halloween; Clare talks David into a UFO hunt.
9 Intervention 2 NOVEMBER 1994 Wasserman/Klein 121
Dylan enters a hospital after his friends conduct an intervention; Kelly gets a modelling offer; Ray meets Donna's parents; David and Clare's homemade video shows up in another home.
10 The Dreams of Dylan McKay 9 NOVEMBER 1994 Charles Rosin 122
Bizarre dreams mirror Dylan's fight for life as he lies in a coma. Meanwhile, Steve's more bothered than buoyed by the appearance of his dad at a flag-football tournament.
11 Hate Is Just A Four-Letter Word 16 NOVEMBER 1994 C. Rosin/Gollance 123
Brandon is caught in the middle when Jewish students protest the scheduled campus appearance of a controversial African-American orator; and a demonstration disrupts Kelly's photo shoot.
12 Rock Of Ages 23 NOVEMBER 1994 Larry Mollin 124
Kelly and Steve get VIP passes for a Rolling Stones concert. Ray and Donna pose as vendors to get in to the show. Clare and David go to check out the hoopla. Meanwhile, Jesse helps Pres. Walsh prepare for a challenge. Dylan has a rough time in group.
13 Up In Flames 30 NOVEMBER 1994 Meredith Stiehm 125
The arrival of Emily Valentine brings some tense moments for Brandon - and Kelly. Valerie helps Steve and Griffin organize another rave party, but the building Griffin finds isn't up to snuff.
14 Injustice For All 14 DECEMBER 1994 Karen Rosin 126
Steve and Griffin face charges as a result of the fire. Meanwhile, Jesse takes his first case to court. Dylan receives an important message when he gets out of rehab.
15 Christmas Comes This Time Each Year 21 DECEMBER 1994 Eisenberg/Wasserman/Klein 127
Donna's mother (Katherine Cannon) puts Ray to the test; family traditions cause tension between Jesse and Andrea; Dylan gets a present from the FBI.
16 Sentenced To Life 4 JANUARY 1995 Wasserman/Klein/Ziering 128
Milton Berle plays an ex-entertainer who lives in the retirement home where Steve is to perform his community service. Meanwhile, Dylan goes to court over his accident. Andrea has a run-in with Peter. News of Valerie's sunny vacation prompts a cool response from Kelly.
17 Sweating It Out 11 JANUARY 1995 Chip Johannessen 129
Dylan and Brandon take a road trip; Kelly takes a psychology workshop; Donna helps Ray over his stage fright; the Peach Pit After Dark opens.
18 Hazardous To Your Health 18 JANUARY 1995 Larry Mollin 130
Dylan recruits Valerie to help pull off a caper to regain his lost loot --- and his little sister.
19 Little Monsters 1 FEBRUARY 1995 Meredith Stiehm 131
A record-company rep shows interest in Ray (Jamie Walters); Valerie seeks a reward for helping Dylan; Andrea flirts with danger while Jesse's away.
20 You Gotta Have Heart 8 FEBRUARY 1995 Max Eisenberg 132
Steve secures singing group Jade for a telethon. Valerie moves out of the Walshes' --- and in on Ray; Brandon coaxes Kelly away from Finley (Alan Toy); Andrea meets Peter's wife (Terri Hawkes).
21 Stormy Weather 15 FEBRUARY 1995 Melman/Mollin 133
Andrea gets a job at Peter's hospital; Valerie refuses to accept Ray's "no"; Dylan does reconnaissance on Kelly and Finley (Alan Toy).
22 Alone At The Top 22 FEBRUARY 1995 Wasserman/Klein 134
A crime wave hits the campus: a rape worries everyone. Peter tempts Andrea to stay out late, and Valerie tempts Dylan to go off the wagon. Ray decides to leave town after a change of ownership at the club.
23 Love Hurts 1 MARCH 1995 Stringer/Mollin 135
Dylan accidentally becomes privy to Andrea's romance. Valerie cancels Ray's bookings after taking over the Peach Pit After Dark. Despite his innocence, Lenny becomes an outcast at CU. The real campus rapist ends up at the beach apartment. Donna blames David for Ray's departure. The Flaming Lips have a cameo.
24 Unreal World 15 MARCH 1995 Stiehm/Mollin 136
Andrea contemplates telling Jesse about her fling; Valerie moves back in with the Walshes; friends appear in Clare and David's cinéma-vérité.
25 Double Jeopardy 29 MARCH 1995 McCarthy/Sarkar 137
"Jeopardy" host Alex Trebek and announcer Johnny Gilbert have cameos as Brandon and Clare compete to be in the show's college tournament; Andrea and Jesse talk divorce; Jackie and Mel reconcile.
26 A Song For My Mother 5 APRIL 1995 Max Eisenberg 138
Donna visits Ray in Portland, where David follows a disturbing trail left by his mother (Caroline Lagerfelt); Dylan undergoes hypnosis to research his screenplay.
27 Squash It 12 APRIL 1995 Savath/Mollin 139
David returns to the stage with a new partner (Vicellous Shannon); Brandon plays tour guide to a genius coveted by the university; Dylan has a disturbing experience in hypnotic regression.
28 Girls On The Side 3 MAY 1995 Meredith Stiehm 140
Kelly becomes a cover girl, but hesitates to continue modeling. Kelly also learns of an admirer. When Ray comes home, his mother tells David and Clare about his betrayal of Donna. Jesse is offered a position in Idaho. Dylan continues dream therapy.
29 The Real McCoy 10 MAY 1995 C. Rosin/Mollin 141
While Kelly's in New York to meet with modeling agencies, Valerie sets her sights on Brandon. It appears Brandon will surely be re-elected for student president. Hypnotic regression leads Dylan to a past life where he is a gun-slinging Wild West outlaw.
30 Hello Life, Goodbye Beverly Hills 17 MAY 1995 Wasserman/Klein 142
Dylan and Brandon make separate proposals to Kelly; Jim gets important news regarding his future with his firm; Ray and Donna have a fight at Andrea's going-away party.
31 P.S. I Love You: Part 1 24 MAY 1995 Mollin/Johannessen 143
In Palm Springs, Brandon considers surrendering to Valerie; Steve rejects a blind date arranged by his father; Dylan meets a backer for his film.
32 P.S. I Love You: Part 2 24 MAY 1995 Mollin/Johannessen 144
Conclusion. Kelly gets a chilly reception from Brandon; Donna is injured in a fight with Ray; Dylan learns that Tom Rose knows something about his father's death.

Notes and references[]