Season 6 of American teen drama television series Beverly Hills, 90210 aired on Fox television network.


The gang is starting their junior year at California University, and Kelly has returned with new boyfriend Colin Robins after deciding to choose neither Brandon nor Dylan in the season 5 finale. Valerie remains somewhat estranged from the rest of the gang, and Donna and Ray are still together despite their previous troubles. As he was at the end of last season, Dylan is fixated on finding his father’s murderer,  and David is dealing with his mother’s mental health issues.

The ensemble drama about young adults growing up in Beverly Hills is a blend of romantic drama and subject matter that crosses all cultural boundaries. The storyline has followed the Walsh family as they moved from a middle-class Midwestern neighborhood to wealthy and glamorous Beverly Hills, maturing from high school to college students, facing new challenges as they continue to grow and discover more about themselves and their personal ambitions. As their worlds evolve, old friendships will be tested as new relationships develop, but no matter how complicated their worlds become, they will always share in their strengths and experiences.


Jason Priestley as Brandon Walsh
Jennie Garth as Kelly Taylor
Ian Ziering as Steve Sanders
Luke Perry as Dylan McKay (1-10)
Brian Austin Green as David Silver
Tori Spelling as Donna Martin
Tiffani Thiessen as Valerie Malone
Joe E. Tata as Nat Bussichio
Kathleen Robertson as Clare Arnold
Jamie Walters as Ray Pruit (1-13, 30)

Special Guest Stars

Gabrielle Carteris as Andrea Zuckerman (2 episodes)
Carol Potter as Cindy Walsh
James Eckhouse as Jim Walsh
Jason Wiles as Colin Robbins (32 episodes)
Kelly's artist boyfriend from New York
Stanley Kamel as Anthony Marchette (8 episodes)
The mob boss who killed Dylan's father
The Cramps as Themselves
The Corrs as Themselves
Sam Rubin as Himself
Roger Corman as Himself
Charles Conrad as Himself

Recurring cast

Emma Caulfield as Susan Keats (30 episodes)
Cameron Bancroft as Joe Bradley (23 episodes)
Rebecca Gayheart as Antonia Marchette (8 episodes)
Paige Moss as Tara Marks (7 episodes)


Michael Durrell as John Martin (7 episodes)
Ann Gillespie as Jackie Taylor (6 episodes)
Katherine Cannon as Felice Martin (5 episodes)
Caroline Lagerfelt as Sheila Silver (2 episodes)
Matthew Laurance as Mel Silver ("Lover's Leap")
Christine Belford as Samantha Sanders ("You Say It's Your Birthday: Part 1")

Guest starring

Ryan Brown as Morton Muntz (4 episodes)
Wesley Allen Gullick as Willie
Denise Dowse as Yvonne Teasley ("You Say It's Your Birthday: Part 1")
Nicholas Pryor as Chancellor Arnold (3 episodes)
Brooke Theiss as Leslie Sumner
Elisa Donovan as Ginger LaMonica
Cliff Weissman as Bruno
Tembi Locke as Lisa Dixon
Ken Lerner as Jerry Korman
Lisa Williams as Barbara Korman
Doren Fein as Jessica Korman
Elaine Joyce as Candace
Lionel Mark Smith as Harris
Marq Edwards as Carl Lindstrom
Jon Huertas as Peter Magnuson
Yumi Iwama as Anna
Mark Shera as Professor Hayward
Joan Pringle as Connie Shays
Mary Crosby as Claudia Van Eyck
Cynthia Szigeti as Madame Raven
Mister Jones as Ronnie
John Walcutt as Bruce Paxton
Wings Hauser as J. Jay Jones
Mike Colt as A.K. Carson
Brian Turk as Tiny
Megan Lee Braley as Erin Silver
Caroline McWilliams as LuAnn Pruit
Jed Allan as Rush Sanders
Marcus Smythe as Scott Coveny
Brett Golov as Paul
Monica Mikala as Darla Mitchell
Lar Park-Lincoln as Tammy Kane
Drancy Jackson as Isaiah Holcomb
Juanita Jennings as Mrs. Holcomb
Lee Weaver as Stan
Leann Love Maldonado as Tonya Holcomb
Carl T. Evans as Jonathan Casten
Randy Spelling as Ryan Sanders
Travis Wester as Austin Sanders
John Reilly as Bill Taylor 
Julie Parrish as Joan Diamond 
Elaine Joyce as Candace
Steve Vinovich as Max Roman
Emily Cutler as Lou Nebitts
Sabrina Hill as Kathryn Keats
Monika Schnarre as Elle
John Lafayette as Sterling Penn
Barney McFadden as George
Sheeri Rappaport as Sherry
Jennie Vaughn as Gail
Kathleen Noone as Ruth Keats
Guy Boyd as Gerald Keats
Michael Dietz as Greg Meyer / McKeen Bruce Thomas
Bruce Thomas as Hank Bradley
Nancy Fernandez as Nadine
Nick Kiriazis as Prince Carl


  • Joe E. Tata, Kathleen Robertson and Jamie Walters are upgraded to regular cast members


Season 6/Gallery


144 - 6.01 "Home Is Where The Tart Is" September 13, 1995
145 - 6.02 "Buffalo Gals" September 13, 1995
146 - 6.03 "Must Be a Guy Thing" September 20, 1995
147 - 6.04 "Everything's Coming Up Roses" September 27, 1995
148 - 6.05 "Lover's Leap" October 4, 1995
149 - 6.06 "Speechless" October 18, 1995
150 - 6.07 "Violated" October 25, 1995
151 - 6.08 "Gypsies, Cramps and Fleas" November 1, 1995
152 - 6.09 "Earthquake Weather" November 6, 1995
153 - 6.10 "One Wedding And A Funeral" November 8, 1995 Dylan McKay departs the series.
He returns in Season 9
154 - 6.11 "Offensive Interference" November 15, 1995
155 - 6.12 "Breast Side Up" November 22, 1995
156 - 6.13 "Courting" November 29, 1995 Ray Pruit last ep
as a series regular
157 - 6.14 "Fortunate Son" December 13, 1995
158 - 6.15 "Angels We Have Heard On High" December 20, 1995
159 - 6.16 "Turn Back the Clock" January 3, 1996
160 - 6.17 "Fade In, Fade Out" January 10, 1996
161 - 6.18 "Snowbound" January 24, 1996
162 - 6.19 "Nancy’s Choice" January 31, 1996
163 - 6.20 "Flying" February 7, 1996
164 - 6.21 "Bleeding Hearts" February 14, 1996
165 - 6.22 "All This and Mary Too" February 21, 1996
166 - 6.23 "Leap of Faith" February 28, 1996
167 - 6.24 "Coming Out, Getting Out, Going Out" March 13, 1996
168 - 6.25 "Smashed" March 20, 1996
169 - 6.26 "Flirting With Disaster" April 3, 1996
170 - 6.27 "Strike The Match" April 10, 1996
171 - 6.28 "The Big Hurt" May 1, 1996
172 - 6.29 "Ticket to Ride" May 8, 1996
173 - 6.30 "Ray of Hope" May 15, 1996
174 - 6.31 "You Say It's Your Birthday: Part 1" May 22, 1996
175 - 6.32 "You Say It's Your Birthday: Part 2" May 22, 1996