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Season 6 of American television series Beverly Hills, 90210 aired on FOX television network.


The gang is starting their junior year at California University, and Kelly has returned with new boyfriend Colin Robins after deciding to choose neither Brandon nor Dylan in the season 5 finale. Valerie remains somewhat estranged from the rest of the gang, and Donna and Ray are still together despite their previous troubles. As he was at the end of last season, Dylan is fixated on finding his father’s murderer, and David is dealing with his mother’s mental health issues.

The ensemble drama about young adults growing up in Beverly Hills is a blend of romantic drama and subject matter that crosses all cultural boundaries. The storyline has followed the Walsh family as they moved from a middle-class Midwestern neighborhood to wealthy and glamorous Beverly Hills, maturing from high school to college students, facing new challenges as they continue to grow and discover more about themselves and their personal ambitions. As their worlds evolve, old friendships will be tested as new relationships develop, but no matter how complicated their worlds become, they will always share in their strengths and experiences.


Jason Priestley as Brandon Walsh (32/32 episodes)
Jennie Garth as Kelly Taylor (32/32 episodes)
Ian Ziering as Steve Sanders (32/32 episodes)
Luke Perry as Dylan McKay (10/32 episodes)
Brian Austin Green as David Silver (32/32 episodes)
Tori Spelling as Donna Martin (32/32 episodes)
Tiffani Thiessen as Valerie Malone (32/32 episodes)
Joe E. Tata as Nat Bussichio (32/32 episodes)
Jamie Walters as Ray Pruit (14/32 episodes)
Kathleen Robertson as Clare Arnold (32/32 episodes)
Special Guest Stars
Gabrielle Carteris as Andrea Zuckerman (2 episodes)
Carol Potter as Cindy Walsh ("Angels We Have Heard On High")
Jason Wiles as Colin Robbins (32 episodes)
Emma Caulfield as Susan Keats (30 episodes)
Stanley Kamel as Anthony Marchette (8 episodes)
Dave Koz ("Buffalo Gals")
Steve Young ("Breast Side Up")
The Corrs ("Turn Back The Clock")
Charles "Pete" Conrad ("Nancy’s Choice")
James Eckhouse as Jim Walsh
Christine Belford as Samantha Sanders
Denise Dowse as Yvonne Teasley
Recurring cast
Cameron Bancroft as Joe Bradley (23 episodes)
Rebecca Gayheart as Antonia Marchette (8 episodes)
Cliff Weissman as Bruno (7 episodes)
Paige Moss as Tara Marks (7 episodes)
Michael Durrell as John Martin (7 episodes)
Donna's father
Ann Gillespie as Jackie Taylor (6 episodes)
Kelly's mother
Katherine Cannon as Felice Martin (5 episodes)
Donna's mother
Jed Allan as Rush Sanders (3 episodes)
Steve's father
Caroline Lagerfelt as Sheila Silver (3 episodes)
David's mother
Matthew Laurance as Mel Silver (2 episodes)
David's father
John Reilly as Bill Taylor ("Fade In, Fade Out")
Kelly's father

Guest starring[]

Carl T. Evans as Jonathan Casten (5 episodes)
Tembi Locke as Lisa Dixon (5 episodes)
Nick Kiriazis as Prince Carl (5 episodes)
Michael Woolson as Erik Budman (5 episodes)
Julie Parrish as Joan Diamond (4 episodes)
Ryan Brown as Morton Muntz (4 episodes)
Elisa Donovan as Ginger LaMonica (4 episodes)
Michael Dietz as Greg Meyer (4 episodes)
Randy Spelling as Ryan Sanders (3 episodes)
Travis Wester as Austin Sanders (3 episodes)
Nicholas Pryor as Chancellor Arnold (3 episodes)
Mary Crosby as Claudia Van Eyck (3 episodes)
John Walcutt as Bruce Paxton (3 episodes)
Ken Lerner as Jerry Korman (3 episodes)
Gordon Currie as Danny Five (3 episodes)
Rachel Davies as Dr. Browning (3 episodes)
Wings Hauser as J. Jay Jones (2 episodes)
Paul Collins as John Bardwell (2 episodes)
Marcus Smythe as Scott Coveny (2 episodes)
Elaine Joyce as Candace Marlowe (2 episodes)
Doren Fein as Jessica Korman (2 episodes)
Leilani Jones as District Attorney (2 episodes)
Kevin Scannell as Crane (2 episodes)
Scott Haven as Mr. Carter (2 episodes)
Art Hindle as Police Detective (2 episodes)
Jon Hensley as Richard Ballen (2 episodes)
Michael Dempsey as Colin's Travel Agent (2 episodes)
Brooke Theiss as Leslie Sumner ("Everything's Coming Up Roses")
Lionel Mark Smith as Ben Harris ("Home Is Where The Tart Is")
Marc McClure as Professor ("Must Be A Guy Thing")
Karen Hensel as Sheila Silver's Doctor ("Lover's Leap")
Nicholas Guest as Ivan Trotz ("Speechless")
Ginta Rae as Sister Alice ("Speechless")
Ray Boyle as Producer ("Speechless")
Mark Shera as Professor Hayward ("Violated")
Joan Pringle as Connie Shays ("Violated")
The Cramps as Themselves ("Gypsies, Cramps and Fleas")
Cynthia Szigeti as Madame Raven ("Gypsies, Cramps and Fleas")
Carol Barbee as Ellen Marks ("Earthquake Weather")
Christine Healy as Therapist ("Earthquake Weather")
David Cromwell as Elmo Pickering ("Breast Side Up")
Sheila Wills as Helen Kincaid ("Breast Side Up")
Leigh Steinberg as Leigh Steinberg ("Breast Side Up")
Charlotte Stewart as Mary Ellen Bradley ("Courting")
Alan Fudge as Judge Abner Stanton ("Courting")
William Forward as Tournament President ("Courting")
Lar Park-Lincoln as Tammy Kane ("Fortunate Son")
Drancy Jackson as Isaiah Holcomb ("Fortunate Son")
Juanita Jennings as Mrs. Holcomb ("Fortunate Son")
Billy Vera as Duke Weatherill ("Fortunate Son")
Lee Weaver as Stan ("Fortunate Son")
Steve Vinovich as Max Roman ("Snowbound")
Emily Cutler as Lou Nebitts ("Snowbound")
Monika Schnarre as Elle ("Nancy's Choice")
John Lafayette as Sterling Penn ("Nancy's Choice")
Margot Rose as Kelly's Student Advisor ("Nancy's Choice")
Barney McFadden as George ("Flying")
David Charles Sahagian as ? ("Bleeding Hearts")
Jim Hatch as ? ("Bleeding Hearts")
Rebekah Carlton as Mary #1 ("All This And Mary Too")
Tava Smiley as Mary #2 ("All This And Mary Too")
Kathleen Noone as Ruth Keats ("Leap Of Faith")
Guy Boyd as Gerald Keats ("Leap Of Faith")
Bruce Thomas as Hank Bradley ("Leap Of Faith")
Scott Haven as Mr. Carter ("Coming Out, Getting Out, Going Out")
Kirk Bailey as Tony Spencer ("Coming Out, Getting Out, Going Out")
Kevin Scannell as Crane ("Smashed")
Mike Genovese as Graham Robbins ("Flirting With Disaster")
Samantha Lemole as Becky ("Flirting With Disaster")
Lara Steinick as Alice ("Flirting With Disaster")
Barrow Davis as Margaret ("Flirting With Disaster")
Peter Siragusa as Bernie ("Strike The Match")
Steven Culp as Mr. Dreesen ("Strike The Match")
Tom Urich as Chet Winslow ("The Big Hurt")
Tangie Ambrose as Sophie Tyler ("Ticket To Ride")
Marisol Nichols as Wendy Stevens ("Ray of Hope")
Deborah Lacey as Receptionist ("You Say It's Your Birthday: Part 1")


  • Joe E. Tata, Kathleen Robertson and Jamie Walters become regular cast members


Season 6/Gallery


1 Home Is Where The Tart Is 13 SEPTEMBER 1995 Wasserman/Klein 145
Dylan determines to find his father's killer; Valerie's friend warms to Brandon; a huge party is held to bid farewell to "Casa Walsh."
2 Buffalo Gals 13 SEPTEMBER 1995 Lyons/Wells 146
Cash and jewelry disappear from the Walsh house; Dylan stalks his father's killer; Colin chooses work over Kelly's birthday party; Valerie maneuvers herself into everyone's good graces.
3 Must Be A Guy Thing 20 SEPTEMBER 1995 John Eisendrath 147
Dylan meets the daughter of his father's killer; Brandon matches wits with the college paper's editor; Ray gets a big audition and Colin gets a big canvas, both at Valerie's club.
4 Everything's Coming Up Roses 27 SEPTEMBER 1995 Dinah Kirgo 148
Brandon and Susan cover the Tournament of Roses Royal Court tryouts, in which Kelly, Donna and Clare are candidates; Ray gives a performance for the record-company president and his daughter.
5 Lover's Leap 4 OCTOBER 1995 Ken Stringer 149
The incident with David's mother brings back memories for Valerie and turns David into a recluse; Brandon negotiates a date with Susan; Toni invites Dylan's friends to a dinner party; Bruno informs Dylan that he knew Dylan's father.
6 Speechless 18 OCTOBER 1995 Larry Mollin 150
Dylan faces off with Mr. Marchette; Kelly, Donna, Clare and Valerie vow to have "no secrets" on their road trip; Steve arranges for a film to be shot at the Walsh house
7 Violated 25 OCTOBER 1995 Larry Mollin 151
Valerie gets special attention from her marketing professor; Toni's father forces her to choose between him and Dylan; Claudia comes between Kelly and Colin.
8 Halloween VI 1 NOVEMBER 1995 McCarthy/Sarkar 152
Toni queries her father about Dylan's dad; David invests in a love potion; Ray reacts to Donna's new romantic interest.
9 Earthquake Weather 6 NOVEMBER 1995 Lyons/Wells 153
An earthquake traps Susan and Brandon in an elevator with a pregnant woman; Donna gets a warning from Ray's therapist; friends are rocked by Dylan's announcement about his future.
10 One Wedding And A Funeral 8 NOVEMBER 1995 Steve Wasserman 154
Parties celebrate the betrothal of Dylan and Toni; Marchette requests a meeting with Dylan after failing to dissuade Toni from her marital plans.
11 Offensive Interference 15 NOVEMBER 1995 Larry Mollin 155
J.J. Jones seeks Valerie's help in a divorce case; Ray charges Joe with battery over their Halloween encounter --- resulting in Joe's suspension from CU's homecoming game; Steve leads a group who are out to foil the rival school's homecoming prank.
12 Breast Side Up 22 NOVEMBER 1995 Jessica Klein 156
For Joe's birthday, Donna arranges an appearance by NFL QB Steve Young, one of two surprises she has planned; the absence of their significant others on Thanksgiving weighs on Brandon and Kelly; Steve's a hit at Clare's father's faculty party.
13 Courting 29 NOVEMBER 1995 John Eisendrath 157
Brandon gets a national byline for his coverage of Joe's trial, where Donna is caught in a lie. Meanwhile, Valerie blabs about Brandon and Kelly.
14 Fortunate Son 13 DECEMBER 1995 John Eisendrath 158
Donna covers for Lisa at her convenience-store job; Steve begins an internship at a talent agency; an old problem surfaces for Brandon at a casino-night fund-raiser.
15 Angels We Have Heard On High 20 DECEMBER 1995 Larry Mollin 159
Christmastime... Cindy Walsh comes home for the holiday --- without Jim; Colin celebrates the Yule on cocaine; Steve's Christmas curse continues when another's error costs him his job and incurs the wrath of his father.
16 Turn Back The Clock 3 JANUARY 1996 Larry Mollin 160
New Year's Eve tales include... stories of Steve's rowdy stepbrothers; Joe's pursuit of Donna's escaped bird; and the return of Susan's boyfriend --- the one before Brandon.
17 Fade In, Fade Out 10 JANUARY 1996 Jessica Klein 161
Kelly's father arrives intending to stay; Kelly again catches Colin on cocaine; Joe makes a professional call on Donna's father.
18 Snowbound 17 JANUARY 1996 John Whelpley 162
Joe's condition becomes an issue between Brandon and Susan; Valerie shares her suspicion that Kelly's using cocaine; Clare and Steve go to traffic school and wind up on a TV talk show.
19 Nancy’s Choice 31 JANUARY 1996 John Eisendrath 163
Jonathan Casten returns to town; Valerie acts as Colin's agent with an art collector; Clare refuses to believe Steve's story about an "old flame". Former astronaut Pete Conrad has a cameo.
20 Flying 7 FEBRUARY 1996 Phil Savath 164
Kelly's roommates find her cocaine in their apartment, prompting her to move out; Valerie's old --- and unwelcome --- friend Ginger (Elisa Donovan) returns to town, breaking their deal; Joe becomes a minor casualty during a biplane flight with Jonathan, Brandon and Steve.
21 Bleeding Hearts 14 FEBRUARY 1996 Lana Freistat Melman 165
Clare bets Steve he can't fulfill his pledge of 24 hours of celibacy; Valerie sets up Ginger (Elisa Donovan) with Jonathan; Kelly lands in trouble on her quest for cocaine.
22 All This and Mary Too 21 FEBRUARY 1996 Sam Sarkar 166
Kelly gets a roommate in rehab; Susan and Brandon ski into trouble while racing; Colin and Valerie keep each other company.
23 Leap of Faith 28 FEBRUARY 1996 Ken Stringer 167
Brandon meets Susan's parents; Joe's brother (Bruce Thomas) is wary of Joe's planned surgery; Kelly reacts to the news that Valerie is seeing Colin, who lives to regret doing a favor for his dealer.
24 Coming Out, Getting Out, Going Out 13 MARCH 1996 John Whelpley 168
Valerie arranges bail for Colin; Kelly comes home from rehab; Clare and Susan try to rekindle the romance between Nat and his lost love (Julie Parrish).
25 Smashed 20 MARCH 1996 Meredith Stiehm 169
Tara (Paige Moss) becomes Kelly's housemate; Steve's stepbrothers disrupt a party; Colin makes a deal for minimum jail time.
26 Flirting With Disaster 3 APRIL 1996 John Eisendrath 170
On a wilderness outing, three comely campers distract Steve, Joe and Brandon from their dates. Meanwhile, Tara sabotages Kelly's relationship with Greg; Colin's father visits.
27 Strike The Match 10 APRIL 1996 Steve Wasserman 171
Donna's video-production work with David lands her in front of the camera and in trouble with Joe; Brandon's job opportunity could sink his plans with Susan for the summer and perhaps beyond.
28 The Big Hurt 1 MAY 1996 Larry Mollin 172
Steve is impressed by Clare's childhood chum, an actual prince; Colin receives his sentence after his attorney (Kevin Scannell) makes a deal with the DA; Tara tries to end Kelly's "pain."
29 Ticket To Ride 8 MAY 1996 Stiehm/Whelpley 173
Susan and Brandon hit the lottery for $5000 --- then lose the ticket; Val's left hanging when Colin bails on going to jail; a fall leaves Steve speechless.
30 Ray of Hope 15 MAY 1996 Savath/Klein 174
Ray Pruit surfaces --- as Donna and David's first video assignment for MZA; Colin prepares to leave the country, and Valerie asks Kelly for help in finding him; Joe decides on a new course for his life, and, he hopes, Donna's.
31 You Say It's Your Birthday (1) 22 MAY 1996 Mollin/Wasserman 175
Goo Goo Dolls entertains at Steve's birthday bash; Valerie gets FBI help to find Colin.
32 You Say It's Your Birthday (2) 22 MAY 1996 Mollin/Wasserman 176
Abandoned by their respective mates, Steve and Brandon go to a dockside bar, where they get into a brawl --- and spot Colin.