Season 7 of American teen drama television series Beverly Hills, 90210, aired airing on Fox television network.

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Before they trade in their flip-flops for full-time jobs, the friends of Beverly Hills 90210 dive into their senior year of college for a final lap. Watch as Brandon, Kelly, Donna, David, Steve, Val and Clare battle natural disasters, confront personal demons and discover that old flames never burn out. From Donna losing her virginity and Kelly's shocking pregnancy to David's struggle with mental illness and a frightening hostage situation on the C.U. campus, surviving their senior year will be the toughest test they've faced yet.


Jason Priestley as Brandon Walsh (32 episodes)
Jennie Garth as Kelly Taylor (32 episodes)
Ian Ziering as Steve Sanders (32 episodes)
Brian Austin Green as David Silver (32 episodes)
Tori Spelling as Donna Martin (32 episodes)
Tiffani Thiessen as Valerie Malone (32 episodes)
Joe E. Tata as Nat Bussichio (32 episodes)
Kathleen Robertson as Clare Arnold (32 episodes)

Special Guest Stars

James Eckhouse as Jim Walsh ("Spring Breakdown")
Brenda and Brandon's father
Jamie Walters as Ray Pruit ("Lost In Las Vegas")
Donna's ex-boyfriend
Jill Novick as Tracy Gaylian (21 episodes)
A reporter at Campus TV who Brandon likes
Dalton James as Mark Reese (12 episodes)
The manager of Campus TV, who starts dating Kelly
Joseph Gian as Kenny Bannerman (9 episodes)
Valerie's new fling who turns out to be married
June Lockhart as Celia Martin (3 episodes)
Donna's paternal grandmother
Tony Todd as Dr. Julius Tate ("If I Had A Hammer")
The Cardigans as Themselves ("Graduation Day: Part 2")
Roy Gaines as Himself
Kerri Strug as Herself
Clarence Fountain as Himself
Donna Lewis as Herself
Ron Duguay as Himself
Cam Neely as Himself


Nicholas Pryor as Milton Arnold (9 episodes)
Clare's father and CU chancellor
Michael Durrell as John Martin (8 episodes)
Donna's father
Matthew Laurance as Mel Silver (8 episodes)
David's father
Katherine Cannon as Felice Martin (7 episodes)
Donna's mother
Randy Spelling as Ryan Sanders (4 episodes)
Steve's younger half-brother
Ann Gillespie as Jackie Taylor (3 episodes)
Kelly's mother
Christine Belford as Samantha Sanders (3 episodes)
Steve's mother
Erica Yohn as Adele Silver (3 episodes)
David's paternal grandmother
Ruth Livier as Joy Taylor (3 episodes)
Kelly's newly discovered younger half-sister
Travis Wester as Austin Sanders (3 episodes)
Steve's younger half-brother
Caroline Lagerfelt as Sheila Silver ("If I Had A Hammer")
David's mother

Guest starring

Kane Picoy as Tom Miller (7 episodes)
Dan Gauthier as Dick Harrison (7 episodes)
Greg Vaughan as Cliff Yeager (6 episodes)
Ryan Brown as Morton Muntz (5 episodes)
Trevor Edmond as Evan Potter (4 episodes)
Julie Parrish as Joan Diamond (3 episodes)
Sydney Coale as Dianne Bannerman (3 episodes)
Michael Stoyanov as Jimmy Gold (3 episodes)
Natalia Cigliuti as Chloe Davis (3 episodes)
Scott Paulin as Corey Randall (2 episodes)
David Bowe as Garrett Slan (2 episodes)
Maia Campbell as Mariah Murphy
Katherine Kendall as Lily Diamond
Eddie Cibrian as Casey Watkins
Charlotte Ayanna as Beth Rawlings
Amy Ryder as Linda Barnes
Kimberly Campbell as Danielle 'Danny' St. John
Julie Nathanson as Ellen Fogerty
Amy Ryder as Linda Barnes
Tricia Nickell as Gail Richenberg
Kimiko Gelman as Tammy Ishida
Allison Smith as Melanie Harold
Gregg Daniel as Dean Whitmore
Kim Morgan Greene as Dayna Sawyers
Bruce Gray as Reed Harvey
David Purdham as Conway Holland
Michael Ryan Way as Peter Malone
Grayson McCouch as Larry Lincoln
Scott Cleverdon as Neil Phillips


Wesley Allen Gullick as Willie (4 episodes)

Trivia Edit

  • This is the last season by the original creative team behind the series and, thus, can be viewed as a series finale

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Season 7/Gallery


1 Remember The Alamo 21 August 1996 176
2 Here We Go Again 28 August 1996 177
3 A Mate For Life 4 September 1996 178
4 Disappearing Act 11 September 1996 179
5 Pledging My Love 18 September 1996 180
6 Housewarming 25 September 1996 181
7 Fearless 30 October 1996 182
8 The Things We Do For Love 6 November 1996 183
9 Loser Takes All 13 November 1996 184
10 Lost in Las Vegas 20 November 1996 185
11 If I Had a Hammer 27 November 1996 Final series appearance of
Sheila Silver
12 Judgement Day 11 December 1996 187
13 Gift Wrapped 18 December 1996 188
14 Jobbed 8 January 1997 189
15 The Phantom Of C.U. 15 January 1997 190
16 Unnecessary Roughness 22 January 1997 191
17 Face-Off 29 January 1997 192
18 We Interrupt This Program 5 February 1997 193
19 My Funny Valentine 12 February 1997 194
20 With This Ring 19 February 1997 195
21 Straight Shooter 26 February 1997 196
22 A Ripe Young Age 5 March 1997 197
23 Storm Warning 19 March 1997 198
24 Spring Breakdown 2 April 1997 199
25 Heaven Scent 9 April 1997 200
26 The Long Goodbye 16 April 1997 201
27 I Only Have Eyes For You 23 April 1997 202
28 All That Jazz 30 April 1997 203
29 Mother's Day 7 May 1997 204
30 Senior Week 14 May 1997 205
31 Graduation Day: Part 1 21 May 1997 Series final appearance of Willie 206
32 Graduation Day: Part 2 21 May 1997 Series final appearance of
Clare Arnold
Milton Arnold
Austin Sanders