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Season 8 of American television series Beverly Hills, 90210 aired on FOX.


This season follows the gang after college and into adulthood as they deal with numerous issues that adults face in their personnel and professional lives such as terrible working conditions, rape allegations, relationships, infidelity, sexual harassment, shootings, amnesia, parenthood, drug abuse, prostitution, homosexual rights and crime. School is over and friends of Beverly Hills 90210 are discovering that life after graduation is not as easy as they thought! Come along with Brandon, Kelly, Donna, David, Steve, Val, and two newcomers Noah and Carly as they explore love and life outside of college in all 30 titillating episodes of Season 8. Experience Kelly's recovery from a drive-by shooting, Brandon and Kelly's wedding plans, and Donna's drug overdose. It doesn't take long for the gang to discover that the real world can be just as unpredictable as college.


Jason Priestley as Brandon Walsh (32/32 episodes)
Jennie Garth as Kelly Taylor (32/32 episodes)
Ian Ziering as Steve Sanders (32/32 episodes)
Brian Austin Green as David Silver (32/32 episodes)
Tori Spelling as Donna Martin (32/32 episodes)
Tiffani Thiessen as Valerie Malone (32/32 episodes)
Joe E. Tata as Nat Bussichio (31/32 episodes)
Hilary Swank as Carly Reynolds (17/32 episodes)
Vincent Young as Noah Hunter (31/32 episodes)
Special Guest Stars
Gabrielle Carteris as Andrea Zuckerman ("Reunion")
Carol Potter as Cindy Walsh ("The Wedding: Part 2")
James Eckhouse as Jim Walsh ("The Wedding: Part 2")
Lindsay Price as Janet Sosna (18 episodes)
Jill Novick as Tracy Gaylian ("Aloha Beverly Hills: Part 2")
June Lockhart as Celia Martin ("Crimes and Misdemeanors")
Jamie Blake
Maroon 5 (as Kara's Flowers)
Brian McKnight
Ann Gillespie as Jackie Taylor (6 episodes)
Kelly's mother
Michael Durrell as Dr. John Martin (5 episodes)
Donna's father
Katherine Cannon as Felice Martin (4 episodes)
Donna's mother
John Reilly as Bill Taylor (4 episodes)
Kelly's father
Mercedes Kastner as Erin Silver (4 episodes)
Kelly and David's younger sister; Jackie and Mel’s daughter
Jed Allan as Rush Sanders (3 episodes)
Steve's father
Johna Stewart-Bowden as Erica McKay (3 episodes)
Dylan’s paternal half-sister
Michael Trucco as Josh Hunter (3 episodes)
Rapist. Noah’s brother
Matthew Laurance as Mel Silver (2 episodes)
David's father
Michelle Phillips as Abby Malone (2 episodes)
Valerie's sad excuse for a 'mother'
Julie Parrish as Joan Diamond ("The Wedding: Part 2")
Nat's wife
Recurring cast
Myles Jeffrey as Zach Reynolds (15 episodes)
Carly's son
Fatima Lowe as Terri Spar (9 episodes)
The office manager at The Beverly Beat
Paul Popowich as Jasper McQuade (6 episodes)

Guest starring[]

George DelHoyo as Gary Monahan (5 episodes)
Angel Boris as Emma Bennett (5 episodes)
Robert Curtis-Brown as Robert Gwinnet (5 episodes)
Robert Gossett as Det. Woods (4 episodes)
Christopher Orr as Cooper Hargrove (4 episodes)
Michael Reilly Burke as Jeff Stockmann (4 episodes)
Brandi Andres as Sarah Edmunds (4 episodes)
Nicole Forester as Jill Reiter (4 episodes)
Nancy Moonves as Pam Ahern (3 episodes)
Jessica Collins as Jody Carlisle (3 episodes)
Phil Buckman as Devin Taggart (3 episodes)
Robert Torti as Everett Sands (3 episodes)
Vincent Irizarry as Riggs (3 episodes)
Daniel Dae Kim as Dr. Sturla (2 episodes)
Jane Rogers as Jane Schultze (2 episodes)
Jacqueline Collen as Charlotte Campbell (2 episodes)
Gordon Thomson as Mr. Parish (2 episodes)
Karen Landry as Doris (2 episodes)
Rebecca Balding as Jill Abernathy (2 episodes)
Dirk Blocker as Dan The Bartender (2 episodes)
Kimberly Bailey as Assistant D.A. Debra Mills (2 episodes)
Daniel Zacapa as Detective Pate (2 episodes)
Esteban Powell as Ben Wester (2 episodes)
Jennifer Savidge as Mrs. Wester (2 episodes)
Christopher Curry as Jerry Wester (2 episodes)
Pat Crowley as Audrey Cutler (2 episodes)
Eddie Ebell as Mark (2 episodes)
Shawn Batten as Officer Tammy Hansen (2 episodes)
Yorgo Constantine as Frank Saunders (2 episodes)
Jessica Alba as Leanne (2 episodes)
Wendy Schenker as Leanne's Mother (2 episodes)
Spencer Rochfort as Johnny (2 episodes)
James Karen as Minister (2 episodes)
Ryan Brown as Morton Muntz (2 episodes)
John Prosky as Duke Weatherill (2 episodes)
Sarah Aldrich as Gwyneth Adair (2 episodes)
Neil Roberts as Jacob Wallenfels (2 episodes)
Lynne Moody as Vanessa Markley (2 episodes)
Carrie Stevens as Marcy ("Aloha Beverly Hills: Part 1")
Tom Virtue as Mr. Cummings ("Aloha Beverly Hills: Part 1")
Juan Fernández as Fernando Caldero ("Aloha Beverly Hills: Part 2")
Brian Van Holt as Eric Anderson ("Aloha Beverly Hills: Part 2")
Tamara Clatterbuck as Lucy ("The Way We Weren't")
Dean Tarrolly as Drew Zaleski ("The Way We Weren't")
Lucy Vargas as Eluvia ("The Right Thing")
Richard Whiten as Studio Manager ("The Right Thing")
Lorna Raver as Mrs. Van Dyke ("The Right Thing")
Rich Cooper as Ari Bauer ("Pride And Prejudice")
Jane Carr as Hairdresser ("Pride And Prejudice")
Zaid Farid as Delivery Guy ("Pride And Prejudice")
Richard Erdman as Mr. Perl ("Pride And Prejudice")
Edith Varon as Mrs. Garibaldi ("Toil And Trouble")
Roxanna Brusso as Alana ("Toil And Trouble")
Jeanine Jackson as Loan Officer ("Toil And Trouble")
Jason Fijal as Ricky ("Friends, Lovers And Children")
Leonard Donato as Jerry Fogle ("Friends, Lovers And Children")
Neisha Trout as Julie ("Child Of The Night")
Nancy Linari as Ann ("Deadline")
Angelo Tiffe as Detective #2 ("Deadline")
Bill Dearth as Police Officer #1 ("Friends In Deed")
Tom Urich as Chet Winslow ("Friends In Deed")
Gretchen German as Photographer ("Comic Relief")
Christopher Daniel Barnes as Lenny ("The Elephant's Father")
Christopher Thomas as Lawyer ("The Elephant's Father")
J. Robin Miller as Leah ("The Elephant's Father")
Terry Cain as Jo ("The Elephant's Father")
Jennifer Hetrick as Kim ("Rebound")
Danielle Wiener as Sasha ("Rebound")
Christie Lynn Smith as Kristi Koontz ("Rebound")
David Andriole as Harry ("Rebound")
Richard Joseph Paul as Andrew Turner ("Crimes and Misdemeanors")
Josie Davis as Madeline ("Crimes and Misdemeanors")
Carrie Genzel as Libby ("Crimes and Misdemeanors")
Samaria Graham as Lola Burns ("Crimes and Misdemeanors")
Leslie Ishii as Nurse ("Crimes and Misdemeanors")
Jill Pierce as Steve's Blind Date #1 ("Cupid's Arrow")
Nikki Schieler as Stephanie ("Cupid's Arrow")
Kim Oja as Steve's Blind Date #2 ("Cupid's Arrow")
Michael Tomlinson as Glen ("The Girl Who Cried Wolf")
D.C. Douglas as Mr. Remington ("The Girl Who Cried Wolf")
Aaron Seville as Male Detective ("The Girl Who Cried Wolf")
Robert Pine as Harold Kay ("Law and Disorder")
Season Hubley as Ms. Evans ("Law and Disorder")
Joel Polis as Pharmacist ("Law and Disorder")
Tracy Grant as Doctor ("Making Amends")
Eric Paskel as Manny ("Making Amends")
Ben Lemon as Kyle Vosler ("The Nature of Nurture")
Geoffrey Lower as Gene ("The Nature of Nurture")
David Glen Eisley as Woody Sloan ("The Nature of Nurture")
Lisa Deanne Young as Sally Licht ("The Nature of Nurture")
Chris Ufland as Dean Shaver ("The Nature of Nurture")
Karen Fineman as Jamie Stanley ("Aunt Bea's Pickles")
Bob Kirsh as Donald Tucker ("Aunt Bea's Pickles")
Paul Kersey as Ted Slavsky ("Aunt Bea's Pickles")
Ric Coy as Brian Carter ("Aunt Bea's Pickles")
Jesse Dabson as Peter Raitt ("All That Glitters")
Dex Elliott Sanders as Kyle Scott ("All That Glitters")
Carl Strano as Frank Foskarino ("All That Glitters")
Shanna Reed as Patricia Myers ("All That Glitters")
Rosie Malek-Yonan as Barbara ("All That Glitters")
John Wheeler as Greg Redborn ("All That Glitters")
Hilary Matthews as Michelle Ashley ("Reunion")
Dean Cochran as Ross Webber ("Reunion")
Stephanie Dicker as Rhonda "Gomer" Mogley ("Reunion")
Randy Crowder as Jerry Eckersley ("Skin Deep")
Jode Leigh Edwards as Monica ("Skin Deep")
Christopher Maleki as Joe ("Skin Deep")
Andrea Abenoza as Ricki ("Skin Deep")
Lisa Anne Morrison as Judy ("Ricochet")
Christopher Leman as Mark ("Ricochet")
Carmen Mormino as Tom Stahl ("Ricochet")
Philip Boyd as Mitch ("Ricochet")
Jeff Griggs as Gil Gessner ("The Fundamental Things Apply")
Kristof Konrad as Alex Veselic ("The Fundamental Things Apply")
Drew Bongianni as Maître d'Hotel ("The Wedding: Part 1")
Patricia Delany as Nurse ("The Wedding: Part 2")


Season 8/Gallery


TV Review: 'Beverly Hills 90210' (ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY • NOVEMBER 1997)
'Beverly Hills 90210' is back (ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY • FEBRUARY 1997)


# Title Airdate Notes
208 - 8.01 "Aloha Beverly Hills: Part 1" September 10, 1997 First appearance of Carly Reynolds
209 - 8.02 "Aloha Beverly Hills: Part 2" September 10, 1997 First appearance of Noah Hunter
210 - 8.03 "Forgive and Forget" September 17, 1997
211 - 8.04 "The Way We Weren't" September 24, 1997
212 - 8.05 "Coming Home" October 1, 1997
213 - 8.06 "The Right Thing" October 15, 1997
214 - 8.07 "Pride and Prejudice" October 22, 1997
215 - 8.08 "Toil and Trouble" October 29, 1997
216 - 8.09 "Friends, Lovers and Children" November 5, 1997
217 - 8.10 "Child of the Night" November 12, 1997
218 - 8.11 "Deadline" November 19, 1997
219 - 8.12 "Friends In Deed" December 3, 1997
220 - 8.13 "Comic Relief" December 10, 1997
221 - 8.14 "Santa Knows" December 17, 1997 Last appearance of Terri Spar
222 - 8.15 "Ready or Not" January 7, 1998 First appearance of Janet Sosna
223 - 8.16 "Illegal Tender" January 14, 1998
224 - 8.17 "The Elephant's Father" January 21, 1998 Last appearance of Carly Reynolds
225 - 8.18 "Rebound" January 28, 1998
226 - 8.19 "Crimes and Misdemeanors" February 4, 1998
227 - 8.20 "Cupid's Arrow" February 11, 1998
228 - 8.21 "The Girl Who Cried Wolf" February 25, 1998
229 - 8.22 "Law and Disorder" March 4, 1998
230 - 8.23 "Making Amends" March 11, 1998
231 - 8.24 "The Nature of Nurture" March 18, 1998
232 - 8.25 "Aunt Bea's Pickles" 25 March 1998
233 - 8.26 "All That Glitters" April 1, 1998
234 - 8.27 "Reunion" April 15, 1998
235 - 8.28 "Skin Deep" April 22, 1998
236 - 8.29 "Ricochet" May 6, 1998
237 - 8.30 "The Fundamental Things Apply" May 13, 1998
238 - 8.31 "The Wedding: Part 1" May 20, 1998
239 - 8.32 "The Wedding: Part 2" May 20, 1998