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Senior Year — tenth novel in Beverly Hills 90210 book series written by Mel Gilden. It was published in november 1993 by HarperPaperbacks.

  • ISBN — 0-06-106-105-0
  • Printed in USA
  • 186 pages


SEE YOU IN SEPTEMBER — It's the most important year of high school and those hip, hot kids of West Beverly High are ready for the challenge!

  • Can Kelly's smile hide her heartache as she turns her back on love to save a friendship?
  • Is Dylan being true to himself when he and Brenda pick up where they left off before the summer?
  • Will Brenda's truce with her parents hold, or is this just the calm before the storm?
  • With new duties at the paper, has Brandon lost touch with what's really important to him?
  • Andrea finds herself at odds with new faculty member — is it all just her imagination?
  • Has Steve finally found the key to grade-point success, or has he fallen into a dangerous game?
  • When Donna brings her freshman buddy into the gang, has she unwittingly made competition for herself?
  • Should David come cliean with Donna about the summer, or is it best to leave the past alone?

With lots of laughs and a few tears, the Walsh twins and their totally together friends make their way through a time of change — SENIOR YEAR.


Includes introduction A Matter Of Trust and excerpt from Summer Love. List of chapters:

  1. Clubfoot Walsh
  2. A Special Girl
  3. Conduct Unbecoming
  4. Consider The Source
  5. Dancing The Dance
  6. The Snakepit
  7. Paradise
  8. A Date With Destiny
  9. Saved By Two Broken Legs
  10. Life Goes Boom
  11. Knowing The Score
  12. The Return Of The Stranger
  13. Fresh Paint
  14. Toughing It Out
  15. Uncomfortable {laces
  16. Life Goes Boom Again
  17. Jealousy
  18. Fairy Tales Can Come True
  19. A Match Made In Heaven


Novel is based on season 3 episodes teleplay:

Photo Section[]

Cover photos by Andrew Semel, insert photos by Andrew Semel and Timothy White.