Sheryl is a guest character on Season 1 of FOX teen soap Beverly Hills, 90210. She is portrayed by Paula Irvine.

Character Edit

Sheryl was the girlfriend of Brandon Walsh from Minnesota. She and Brandon were together a year in Minnesota before Brandon and his family moved to Beverly Hills, thus putting an end to the relationship. In season 1, she ran away from home due to her unhappy home life and came to stay with the Walshes in Beverly Hills.

At first, everything between Brandon and Sheryl was great and she took Brandon's virginity. However, after she met Dylan McKay, she became caught up in the Hollywood night life and his fancy car. She started acting out of character and got drunk at a night club before making a pass at Dylan. This caused Brandon to punch Dylan before Sheryl ran out of the club. Dylan told Brandon their was a misunderstanding, she came on to him and he said no. Brandon apologized about what happened.

Sheryl explained to Brandon that his departure from Minnesota had devastated her, leaving her with no support in a household with a stepfather she didn't get along with and a passive mother. although she had lost her virginity to another boy after Brandon left, she stated it didn't matter and was meaningless, because her feelings for him were more intense. After her parents called looking for her, Sheryl returned to Minnesota, stating she might be back in a couple of years, though she was never seen on the show again.

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