Stacy Sloan, played by Kathy Molter, is a character seen on Beverly Hills, 90210, the first series of the Beverly Hills, 90210 continuity. She appears in the Season 1 episode Isn't It Romantic?.

Stacy comes to Beverly Hills to speak at a sex education seminar at West Beverly Hills High School for Mr. Kravitz. Steve is sent to pick her up and drive her from the airport. He hits on Stacy and she politely turns him down.

She later speaks at the seminar, revealing to everyone that she has AIDS and shares her experience with Steve, citing him as being cute.

She reveals that she got AIDS through unprotected sex with a law student, who later died of AIDS himself. She encourages people to practice safe sex.

After the seminar, Steve and Stacy have a conversation and hug goodbye. Stacy is mentioned in a later season as having died from her illness.

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