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Steve & Andrea is a relationship on Beverly Hills, 90210, portrayed by Gabrielle Carteris and Ian Ziering. They once kissed while studying for the SATs.


Andrea and Steve meet at West Beverly, although Steve is a rich jock and part of the popular people at school, while Andrea is the hardworking outsider who doesn't spend a lot of time socialising. At the end of their sophomore year, Steve offers to help Andrea study for the PSATs and he kisses her. After this they are friendly, although not really hanging out outside of their mutual friendship with Brandon. As the various friends become more like a group, Steve and Andrea become unlikely friends too and find that they actually get along and balance each other out really well, with Steve's jovial demeanour providing Andrea's propensity for being hard on herself with some comic relief, while in turn Andrea inspires Steve to take himself seriously.


SteveWe wouldn't make a good couple anyway, Andrea
AndreaTerrible. The worst couple!
It's Only A Test
If you two love birds are through, we'd like to begin
—Mr. Parker to Andrea and Steve[src]


  • Showrunner seasons 3-5 and executive producer Charles Rosin has stated he wished he had put Andrea and Steve together as a big romance throughout the show:
If I could do the universe over again, Andrea and Steve[2]




April Is The Cruelest Month
Down and Out of District in Beverly Hills

Notes and references[]

  1. In Hello Life, Goodbye Beverly Hills this is retconned to them having met and befriended each other when they started high school, although they only seem to know of each other through Brandon in Season 1, until they study together for the SATs
  2. The Blaze with Lizzie & Kat! Episode 23 – Charles Rosin • Season 1 Wrap-Up (May 2015)