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Stuart Carson is a recurring character in Season 4 of Beverly Hills, 90210, portrayed by David Gail.


Stuart is a 24-year-old rich heir to a business empire, who enters Brenda's life when her father, Jim, sets Brenda up with his boss Larry Carson's son, Stuart. Stuart comes across as a very well-bred, courteous young man who wants to build a sound future for himself. Once Dylan runs into Stuart, he reveals to Brandon that he knew Stuart in the "old days", when Dylan was an alcoholic and Stuart a drug dealer who ran a club. Stuart's inferiority complex courtesy of his nagging father ultimately reveals the most about his lack of character.



Brenda and Stuart dance at her parents' 20th anniversary party.

Stuart agrees to the blind date set up by his Dad and is pleasantly surprised when he sees Brenda for the first time. He's finds her breathtaking and is immediately much more interested in the date. He confesses he thought Brenda might worry about the date, as he's 6 years older than her and it would seem like he couldn't get dates without his Dad's help. Stuart and Brenda are surprised at how great a time they have and they immediately set up more dates. Them becoming serious so fast worries Brenda's parents. To appease them, Stuart sets up a brunch at his parents' mansion so they can get to know Stuart and the parents can't spend some time together to ease it along. Despite the Walshes continued concerns, Stuart's charm offensive works and they let Brenda and Stuart continue their whirlwind fling. Stuart becomes smitten with Brenda and spontaneously proposes to her at her parents' 20th wedding anniversary party, to which a stunned Brenda says yes. Dylan warns Stuart that if he hurts Brenda, Stuart will have to answer to Dylan.


Brenda and Stuart almost marry in Vegas.

Brenda's parents are shocked that she would consider marriage at such a young age, let alone with a guy she's only known for two weeks. Meanwhile, Stuart and Brenda temporarily fall out when he asks her to sign a prenuptial agreement that she doesn't get any money in the event that they divorce. Brenda is offended that Stuart would think so little of her, while he insists it's just a precaution his father demanded due to their wealth. Brenda encourages Stuart to stand up to his father, which he finds challenging despite wanting his father to see him as an adult. Stuart also supervises a job site for a project his father lets him head, although he has no luck asserting any kind of authority as the builders just consider him a spoiled brat. Brenda eventually agrees to sign it because she doesn't care about the money one way or another and she is sure they will go the distance, letting Stuart off the hook with having to confront his father about the way he treats him.

With their respective parents being too involved in their romance, Brenda and Stuart decide to elope to Vegas to get married. Brenda tells Brandon, whom she will not get married without having present, and he tells all their friends in an effort to stop the union from happening. They all travel to Vegas and the guys take Stuart to a strip club where they, against expectations, actually befriend him, while the girls work on getting Brenda to realise the wedding is a mistake without being to obvious about it. Both Brenda and Stuart are nervous when they get to the altar, and Brenda stops the ceremony and calls off the wedding, much to their mutual relief. Despite this, they have a dance in Vegas and Brenda admits to Stuart she got swept up in the idea of their romance rather than their actual relationship.


Stuart surprises Brenda on Valentine's Day 1994.

They take a break from each other to cool off, but after finals Brenda gets irked that she hasn't heard from him. Stuart surprises her at the Peach Pit on Valentine's Day with flowers and chocolates, arriving in the middle of a rant about him that Brenda is giving Brandon. They reconcile and decide to start spending time together again. They take a road trip to Palm Springs together, but when they stop on the way to look at the sunset Brenda accidentally locks them out of the car. Brenda tries to lighten the mood, but Stuart is livid and unable to find the humour in the situation, yelling at Brenda. They stay at a motel for the night, but he continues to sulk and complain. Brenda is fed up with his behaviour and calls Dylan to pick her up. Stuart tries to apologise to Brenda and asks her over to his parents' mansion for lunch. When she gets there, he gets into a tiff with his father over the car, which was ruined overnight, and instead of standing up to his father, Stuart blames Brenda. Brenda sees that he is not anyone worth spending any time with, throws the engagement ring he gave her into the pool and leaves, done with Stuart for good.




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