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Stuart Carson is a recurring character in Season 4 of Beverly Hills, 90210, portrayed by David Gail.


Stuart is a 24-year-old rich heir to a business empire, who enters Brenda's life when her father, Jim, sets Brenda up with his boss Larry Carson's son, Stuart. Stuart comes across as a very well-bred, courteous young man who wants to build a sound future for himself. Once Dylan runs into Stuart, he reveals to Brandon that he knew Stuart in the "old days", when Dylan was an alcoholic and Stuart a drug dealer who ran a club. Stuart's inferiority complex courtesy of his nagging father ultimately reveals the most about his lack of character.


Stuart agrees to the blind date set up by his Dad and is presently surprised when he sees Brenda for the first time. He's finds her breathtaking and is immediately much more interested in the date. He confesses he thought Brenda might worry about the date, as he's 6 years older than her and it would seem like he couldn't get dates without his Dad's help. Stuart and Brenda are surprised at how great a time they have and they immediately set up more dates. Stuart becomes smitten with Brenda and spontaneously proposes to her at her parents' 20th wedding anniversary party, to which a stunned Brenda says yes. The marriage was ultimately cancelled, however, and the two became mere friends again.

It was sometime later that Stuart revealed a completely different side to his personality after becoming temporarily stranded with Brenda during a trip, growing quite whiny and discourteous toward her during their trek back. Their friendship came to an end afterwards, with the two going their separate ways in life.



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