Stuart Carson is a recurring character in Season 4 of FOX teen drama Beverly Hills, 90210. He is portrayed by David Gail.


Stuart is a rich and highly courteous young man who appeared in the fourth season, during which he became a love interest of Brenda Walsh after his father, Lawrence Carson and Brenda's father, Jim Walsh, conspired to set them up on a blind date. After they'd briefly dated, Stuart became smitten enough by Brenda to propose to her, and a stunned Brenda eventually accepted. The marriage was ultimately cancelled, however, and the two became mere friends again.

It was sometime later that Stuart revealed a completely different side to his personality after becoming temporarily stranded with Brenda during a trip, growing quite whiny and discourteous toward her during their trek back. Their friendship came to an end afterwards, with the two going their separate ways in life.


  • David Gail also appears in the first season episode "A Fling In Palm Springs" as Tom, a bellhop in Palm Springs who assists Brenda in a time of need.