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Sue Scanlon is a character in Season 3 of Beverly Hills, 90210. She is portrayed by Nicholle Tom.


Sue is the younger sister of Scott Scanlon. Her brother died in an accident in 1991, when he was fooling around with a loaded firearm.

Almost a year later, Sue starts high school at West Beverly. She wears church clothes, but changes to a more punk look at school, running with a "bad crowd" and smoking. Sue has an unrequited crush on her brother's former best friend, David Silver.


In 1992, Sue starts high school and is paired with a senior buddy - Brenda Walsh. Sue doesn't really feel like connecting with Brenda and mostly spends her time with the punk crowd at school, ditching class and hanging out. Brenda surmises that Sue is acting out because of her brother's untimely death.[1]

In a later episode, Sue comes forward admitting she had been sexually molested in her younger years. Her testimony results in the arrest of the sex offender, a man named Henry who was also her uncle. When asked if her brother was also molested, Sue says she is unsure as Scott never admitted to it when she confided being raped to him.


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