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Okay fine, I admit it: I am attracted, to you! I'm attracted to a lot of things: hot fudge sundaes, big headlines. Now, do me a favour, go write your column

Susan & Bradon is a relationship on Beverly Hills, 90210, portrayed by Emma Caulfield and Jason Priestley.


Susan and Brandon meet in Brandon's junior year at California University, where Susan is the editor of The Condor. Initially they can't stand each other, with Susan put off by Brandon's sexist behaviour while also fighting for equality as the female editor of The Condor. Their belligerence quickly translates to sexual attraction and they kiss after a pseudo-date. Brandon tries to pursue Susan, who is reluctant.


Susan – I'm not sure how to take that
Brandon – Well, as an editor you should be devastated, as a woman-
Susan – As a woman I'm a little concerned you have this much trouble getting a date
Brandon – Is that a yes?