Because... I don't wanna be gay. I'm Spencer Montgomery's son. I'm supposed to be a tennis star. I'm supposed to get married, have kids and be normal. When people find out I'm gay, that's all I'm gonna be. Everything's gonna change
—Teddy to Silver[src]
Teddy Montgomery is a main character on 90210 and portrayed by Trevor Donovan.


He is a famous tennis player, whose career ended when he injured his knee. The son of a famous movie star, he previously dated both Adrianna and Silver, along with many other girls during his straight, player lifestyle. After struggling with his sexuality for a long time, he finally was able to admit to himself that he was gay and come out to his friends. He is married to Shane.

Series arc

Season 2

90210201 0795

Teddy meets Naomi and Silver "To New Beginnings!"

In the season premiere Naomi is trying to distract herself from all the drama by focusing on a newcomer, Teddy. He is the son of Oscar-winning movie star Spence Montgomery and is also a professional tennis player. It is revealed that Teddy and Ade used to date. Navid is upset when he finds out.  Later, The owner of the cabana, who turns out to be Jason's wife, is not pleased with this and makes a scene. Before Navid confesses, Teddy comes in and saves the day. He drops his dad's name and all the damage is undone. Teddy introduces himself to Dixon. Dixon asks Teddy where Silver is, and it is revealed accidentally that Silver and Ethan kissed. Dixon leaves furious.

90210206 1496

Teddy on a date with Adrianna "Wild Alaskan Salmon"

Navid begins interviewing Teddy for the Blaze. He starts with light questions about tennis, and then he asks why he came back to California from boarding school – especially since he was kicked out for being caught with two naked girls in his room. Adriana gets mad at Navid for being harsh on Teddy. Teddy invites most of the gang on his father's yacht for a day cruise to get to know everyone better. Teddy asks Adrianna to lunch, but she declines. Teddy finds Adrianna and she tells him about landing the part but losing Navid. He acts sympathetic. They hug and kiss. Teddy suggests Navid a double date. During the date, Adrianna was jealous to see Teddy kissing his girlfriend. In line for the bathroom, Adrianna and Teddy share a kiss. Adrianna dumps Navid. Navid is devastated; he was ready to marry Adrianna. Adrianna starts to hang out with Teddy. Soon, she realizes that he is not interested in having an exclusive relationship with her. Teddy tells Navid about kissing Adrianna.

Silver is paired with Teddy for a class project. She dislikes Teddy because of what he did to Adrianna so she tells him she'll complete the project on her own. She is so preoccupied with her dying mother that she forgets to do the assignment and Teddy ends up covering for her, telling the teacher it's his fault, he left the project at home. At the halloween party Teddy overhears Adrianna and Naomi talking about Silver's mother and learns about her condition. Teddy finds Silver working at the school and tells her that he was once in her shoes. He took care of his mom before she died years back. He then helps her relieve some stress by hitting tennis balls off the roof. Teddy goes to visit Silver at the hospital where Jackie is. Then, Teddy helps Jackie organize a surprise half-birthday celebration for Silver. Teddy tried to make it to the funeral but couldn't and he confessed to Silver that he hadn't made it to his own mother's funeral. They kissed but Silver didn't have the same expectations for a relationship that Adrianna had, which attracted Teddy even more. 

90210212 2041

Teddy and his sister at the winter dance "Winter Wonderland"

Teddy steps up to the plate and goes to bat for the affections of Silver, who is preoccupied with getting sponsors for Ford’s Warriors in Pink charity for breast cancer. He asks her out and Silver shoots him down, thinking that Teddy wants to take her to the dance, but leave with someone else. She leaves him with a form for sponsorship and a broken ego.Silver is shocked and surprised to see that Teddy has asked her out in front of everyone via the school’s video feed and in person. She tells Teddy to back off and walks away . At the dance Teddy go and ask Silver for a ‘friendly’ danceWhile dancing, it starts snowing and everyone is amazed. Teddy leans in and steals a kiss. Silver is miffed, but Teddy says that if she didn’t feel anything then he will stop trying. Silver runs off, upset. So when Silver goes to talk to Teddy, she sees a beautiful blonde run up and hug Teddy, who is equally happy to see her. Silver sulks off. But it turns out that the girl is actually Teddy’s sister, Savanna, who has come home to see who has broken his heart. After the winter break,  Silver approaches Teddy about them getting together, but Teddy lies and says that Silver was right about him being a player and such, which leaves Silver confused and hurt. That weekend During a party, Silver spots Teddy kissing another girl.

90210215 2344

Teddy mad at Silver "What's Past Is Prologue"

A few episodes later Teddy's sister walks up to Silver and Dixon having lunch and tells Silver how she thinks it's too bad that she didn't give Teddy a chance. Silver then learns that the girl is Teddy's sister, and Dixon knew all along. Silver later tells Teddy she really likes him, but doesn't know if she can trust him. A few episodes later this is still the case, but she wants to give him a chance. After dating for a while, she's still suspicious about Teddy seeing other girls, and after advice from Naomi, asks another girl to shadow him while he's meeting another girl. The girl shadowing Teddy finds out Teddy tells the other girl he's seeing Silver right away and that it's serious. Silver immediately regrets not trusting Teddy and confesses to him later, telling him she knows she can trust him now. Teddy tells her that's great, but that now he doesn't know if he can trust her.

90210220 2276

Teddy and his father "Meet the Parent"

Later on, they end up getting closer to each other and rekindle their trust for each other. The two have fallen completely in love. Teddy tells Silver that he's not planning on going to college just yet because he wants to pursue professional tennis. They get into a tiff over it, but Silver ultimately decides to support him by showing up at his match. Teddy seems thrown off by her arrival. When Silver goes over to Teddy's dear old dad to introduce herself at the game, he says he had no clue Teddy had a girlfriend. She's understandably miffed and leaves the tournament. After the whole kerfuffle with Teddy's dad not knowing about Silver, he offers to introduce them over dinner which ends up being a barbecue with everyone in the family, including Teddy's father's 20-something girlfriend and his therapist. He doesn't take a shining to Silver at first, saying that he hates journalists, but when she admits one of his movies was terrible, he warms up to her for her honesty. Don't go getting all excited yet though, because he still wants Teddy to dump her. His reasoning: Teddy can't focus on his tennis career if he has a girlfriend sucking up his time. His advice doesn't seem to matter though, because after Teddy wins his match, he realizes how much tennis doesn't actually matter so he tells Silver he loves her.

Teddy and Silver are getting hot and heavy, making Silver wonder if she is ready to take the relationship an extra step. While at tennis practice, Teddy’s phone receives a text from Silver that Spence sees. He is not happy and calls Teddy a failure for not ending the relationship with Silver. After that horrendous spirit blower, Teddy makes his way to Silver’s, but he doesn’t reveal his issues with Spence. Instead, the two get hot and heavy and, presumably, in the bed with each other. When Teddy's father bribes Silver to break up with Teddy , Silver declines but breaks up with Teddy anyway.

Teddy confronts Silver on their sudden breakup. She tells him that his dad came to her and offered her
90210222 1576

Teddy and Silver "Confessions"

$150,000 to break up with him.  Teddy is pissed, but finds comfort, then confusion, after Silver states that she didn’t take the money. Teddy’s emotions are sent back to “crushed” when Silver claims that Spence was right about her being a distraction, making Silver maintain her stance on their relationship. Teddy argues that he can have tennis and a life. At the pass the torch ceremony Silver finally comes to her senses and apologizes to Teddy, she realizes that she was being an idiot and that she should trust Teddy to know what’s best for him. They reconcile

Season 3

90210301 1824

Drunk Teddy talks to Silver "Senior Year, Baby"

In the season 3 première, Teddy suffers an injury to his leg from a falling bookcase during the earthquake and while it doesn't seem serious at first, he later learns that his tennis career is over and treats Silver badly and shows up drunk to the senior party. He later walks into Naomi doing a striptease while drunk and kicks the guys out to prevent her from doing something stupid. While reprimanding her, Silver walks in seeing Naomi in her underwear with Teddy and she leaves in tears. They later reconcile but fight soon after Teddy gets drunk and lies to Silver about it, who has bad memories of drinking due to her mothers alcoholism.

Teddy wakes up the next morning and starts vomiting. It is later revealed that Teddy had hooked up with another male student from his school named Ian, who says not to worry and that he will not tell anyone they hooked up. This only agitates Teddy who later on calls Ian a faggot, during a rehearsal for Silvers breast
90210304 1321

Teddy calls Ian a fag "The Bachelors"

cancer benefit, which alarms Silver and causes her to storm off upset with him. On the night of the benefit he attempts to apologize to Silver who in return tells him that it is over between them, after she leaves he runs into Ian and gets angry and tells Ian to stay away from him. Ian replies saying that he doesn't want to be around Teddy either and that just because he can't accept himself he shouldn't take it out on him. This causes Teddy to attack Ian and fight between the two erupts. The fight is broken up by Mr. Matthews and they are both given detention for failing to explain the reason for the fight.

Ian and Teddy are shown in detention. The school principal comes in and informs them that the school is short on janitors. So she offers them manual labour, which will shorten their detention. The two agree to do it. Later, they go to the roof to clean up, even though they are not allowed to do so. While on the roof, part of the edge breaks off, causing Ian to almost fall off, only to be saved by Teddy. The two reconcile, with Teddy apologizing for calling Ian a faggot. Ian replies, saying it's okay. He knows how Teddy feels and what he is going through. He went through the same thing and if Teddy needed anybody to talk, he should come to him. Teddy storms off saying "There's nothing to talk about." At the end of the episode, Teddy is shown making out with a female student. They are about to have sex, when she notices that Teddy isn't erect. He then makes up the excuse that she just wasn't hot enough and gets out of the bed to put his shirt back on.

Teddy is slowly starting to accept his sexuality and visits a gay bar alone. But he loses his wallet and is forced to ask Ian for help. Teddy begins to trust Ian more, and sees Ian as an inspiration. It is revealed that
90210310 1779

Teddy staring at Ian "Best Lei'd Plans"

Teddy has had "confused" feelings for years but has been trying to ignore these feelings. This brings Teddy and Ian slightly closer as friends, a lot because Ian is the only one Teddy can confide in about his homosexuality.Sometime later, at the beach luau, Teddy sees Ian with another guy and begins to feel jealous. Silver, upset about Navid with Adrianna, kisses Teddy. Teddy does not reciprocate her feelings and tells her there is someone else. He admits his feelings for Ian, by kissing him and starting their relationship.  Teddy wants to continue seeing Ian but Ian doesn't want their relationship to be a secret. Teddy isn't ready to come out yet, and Ian at first can't accept that. But at Adrianna's party, Teddy finally admits to Ian he is gay but just isn't that ready to come out to everyone yet but one day he will be but Ian needs to give him some time. He tells Ian that he really likes Ian and wants to be with him. Ian finally agrees, they kiss and start their relationship, unaware Dixon sees them kissing. Dixon confronts Teddy on what he saw. Teddy plays dumb. He begs Dixon to keep his secret.Teddy can’t stop struggling with his sexuality. He had a great trip with Ian but is not ready to come out, although is happy
90210314 2007

Teddy come out to his friends "All About a Boy"

dating him in private. Silver knows something is up and starts figuring things out since she’s friends with Ian. Out of nowhere, Teddy gets blackmailed for $50k about keeping his secret. He assumes it’s Dixon, but Dixon swears it wasn’t him. At Naomi’s party, Silver confronts Teddy about it and he comes out to her. He asks her if Dixon told her and she says no, she figured it out on her own. She tells him she loves him more now that he’s admitting to who he really is. Back inside the party, everyone is sitting around when Teddy and Ian come inside, holding hands. Talk about being caught off guard! After a great night. After the party while Ian and Teddy are celebrating, Ian mentions the blackmail being in his locker, something Teddy never told him. Teddy realizes it was Ian all along and breaks up with him. Teddy is then forced to face the rest of his coming out process alone. He faces some measure of hostility,
90210316 0214

Teddy feels ignore by his friends "It's High Time"

but has support from Silver. In "Revenge with the Nerd" (3.15) she takes him up onto the roof to hit tennis balls, something he did with her the previous year when she was dealing with her mother's cancer. However he accidentally hits someone, when he goes to apologize he accidentally outs himself to Marco, a soccer player for West Bev. Marco however gives him his phone number and tells him to call.Silver later talks to the rest of the guys and in "It's High Time" (3.16) Liam, Dixon, and Navid take Teddy to a gay bar as a sign of support. Teddy feels immediately uncomfortable as does Liam, who freaks out when a guy hits on him and runs out. Navid and Dixon are able to enjoy themselves, while Teddy leaves and following a heart-to-heart with Liam, feels much better. In "The Enchanted Donkey" while on vacation in Mexico Teddy runs into Tripp Willinson his former room
90210318 1322

Teddy hooks up with his former roommate "The Enchanted Donkey"

mate and friend from Exeter Prep School. While Teddy is glad to see him, he admits to Silver that Tripp was the first guy he had feelings for and the reason he left Exeter. He also isn't looking forward to having to pretend to be straight. That night over beers the two are talking, most notably about Teddy's reputation as a player. Teddy confesses to Tripp that he's actually gay, and in response Tripp kisses him, revealing that he is as well. The two hook up but the next day Teddy meets Will, Tripp's boyfriend, with whom he shares a very open relationship.

Seeing how Tripp is still a player Teddy realizes he wants more then just to hook up, and when he returns to LA he calls Marco.

Season 4

Normal 1277

Teddy talking with Silver "Up In Smoke"

In the season premiere, Teddy reveals he had split up with his boyfriend; Marco Salazar over the summer for unknown reasons. He decides to spend his final days of summer with Silver, Naomi, Annie, Navid and Dixon. As college begins for most of the group, Teddy decides to take his outing to the next level by coming out to his father. Teddy leaves Beverly Hills for Barcelona, and leaves a voicemail for his Father revealing he is gay. He quickly hangs up the phone as the plane descends.

Normal 0601

Teddy is happy that his uncle supports him "Party Politics"

Weeks later, Teddy returns to Beverly Hills. He tells Silver that his father never returned his call, nor the several after that. However, his aunt and uncle are revealed to be more accepting of Teddy than his father. Teddy also mentions of having a fling with another man while in Barcelona. Their relationship is then cut short after they both have to return back home. While attending CU, Teddy bumps into the same man from Barcelona, whose name is later revealed to be Shane. Shane reveals he is working for a congressional candidate; Marissa, who happens to be running against Teddy's uncle in the election. Shane rules out Teddy's uncle as a homophobe, and tells him they can never be together if Teddy support's his uncle in the campaign. However, Teddy tells Shane he will not stop supporting his uncle, because he is the only one in his family who accepted him.

Shane and Teddy later reconcile and decide to join Naomi and the rest of the gang on a trip to Las Vegas While in Vegas, Teddy realizes how different his life has become and how he will never meet society's expectations, making him depressed. After a night of drinking, Silver manages to convince Teddy to marry Shane. Teddy agrees and the two are married, however there is no official marriage license. Silver also manages to capture their entire wedding on video and accidentally sends it to her candidate; Marissa Harris-Young who then releases the tape to the media in order to cause troubles for her opponent in the election. When Silver notices the news story showing footage of Teddy and Shane's wedding on TV, Teddy automatically blames Shane over the leaked footage and ends their relationship, leaving Shane and Silver bemused. Teddy's Uncle faces a backlash over the video and Marissa subsequently wins the election. Silver later realizes that she accidentally sent the footage to the Campaign Office and confronts Marissa at the election results where Marissa admits that she leaked the video but only to help her win the election.

Normal 1678

Teddy discover that Silver send the video "A Thousand Words"

Teddy and Liam get arrested after breaking into a racetrack and driving the cars. Teddy is released on bail and calls Silver to pick him up, where he reveals that his family won't speak to him and he's lost everything that mattered to him except Silver. Silver is overcome with guilt over the leaked video and confesses to Teddy and begs for his forgiveness but Teddy is devastated and says he can't forgive her. A couple of weeks pass and Teddy still hasn't spoken to Silver. He calls her and asks her to meet him where he tells her that he's decided to leave town for good and has got a job as a Tennis Coach in London. Later on, Shane arrives to say goodbye where he reveals that he is leaving Beverly Hills and is going back to Washington to finish college. Shane tells Teddy that running away won't solve his problems and that his friends really care about him and so does he. The next day Teddy joins Liam, Navid, Dixon and Ivy for a game of beach volleyball where Ivy gives Teddy some tough love, telling him to get over himself and realize that it's not all about him. At Naomi's Fashion Show, he takes Ivy's advice and makes amends with Silver, apologizing for his behavior and acknowledging that the video leak was a stupid mistake.

Siver talking to Teddy."Forever Hold Your Peace"

On his last day, Teddy bids farewell to everyone at Naomi's mansion, before Silver's drives him to the airport. In the car, Teddy leaves a voicemail for his Uncle saying that he's sorry about the video but he won't apologize for being himself. He also tells his Uncle to let his Dad know that he is finally happy. In a final twist, Silver drives past the airport and instead they arrive at Shane's house. In the end Teddy declines the job in London and decides to move to Washington with Shane. Teddy and Silver share an emotional farewell and Silver says goodbye to Teddy and Shane one last time and they drive off into the sunset together in the Season Finale Teddy sitting with Silver and she asks Teddy to have a baby with her. She tells him she shouldn’t have picked between Navid & Liam, and that she wanted the father of her baby to be someone who will always be in her life. and she chooses him because they have been through a lot together.

Season 5

Back from the season four left off Teddy tells Silver he’s flattered and confused about her baby request. Silver tells him she’s not ready to choose between Navid & Liam, and that she really only wants Teddy to provide his sperm . Teddy tells her he’s not ready and he needs to think about it. Later, Teddy tells Navid & Liam about his & Silver’s big decision. They were not happy about it. Later, Teddy tells Navid & Liam that he’s going to make a baby with Silver. With Dixon’s car crash fresh in his mind, he tells the two that life is short and Silver needs him. Teddy tells Silver he’ll do it by going to her house and handing her a Christmas card with the words “I’ll do it” written on it. Teddy and Silver shows up at the sperm bank so Teddy can take care of his side of the deal Teddy mentions that he has to go back to D.C. tomorrow.

After having a long think about the situation, Teddy has a change of heart, saying that he will not sign the paternal contract unless he gets custody of the child. This puts strain on his relationship with Shane, Silver, and his uncle. His Uncle threatens to destroy the embryos while Shane threatens to sue. In the end Silver forges Teddy's signature, thus, ending their friendship. With professional counselling it is agreed they will have a surrogate, Michaela. After four months of not talking, Teddy makes his final appearance in Scandal Royale to help Silver track down Michaela when she goes missing. Michaela reveals she had a miscarriage and was unable to face Silver. Silver breaks down on the beach. Teddy apologises for not signing the contract in the first place, because he knows she would have been a great Mother. Teddy then asks if there's any way they can fix their friendship. Silver tells Teddy she's honestly not sure, but wants no one else but him to hug her.


In We're Not Not in Kansas Anymore, it is revealed Teddy has not come out as gay. After Silver suspects him, he offers to buy Naomi everything she wants if she keeps his secret by pretending to be his girlfriend.


Adrianna Tate-Duncan


Teddy and Adrianna dated when they were in summer camp, years ago. They've known each other since Adrianna was 8 and she would later lose her virginity to him. When they reconnect, Teddy reveals he again has feelings for her, but she tries to push him away as she is dating Navid. She later admits she too has feelings and in episode 2.06 "Wild Alaskan Salmon" she breaks up with Navid to presue a relationship with Teddy. Teddy however reviles he doesn't want a relationship and Adrianna tries to get Navid back.


Main page: Silver and Teddy

Initially Silver rebukes Teddy seeing him as a player, however in episode 2.07 "Unmasked" when he discovers her mother has cancer, he confides in her that his own mother died of three years earlier. They bond over this and Teddy takes her to the roof to hit tennis balls, something he did to work through the pressure. The eventually begin dating but end up facing opposition from Teddy's father who feels dating is a distraction form tennis and after Teddy refuses to break up with her, he offers Silver $150,000 to break up with him. She doesn't take the money, but ends up breaking up with him because she thinks he's ruining his chances at going pro. They eventually reconcile and continue to date into senior year.

They break up for good when Teddy calls Ian a fag during rehearsals for the dance number for Silver's cancer benefit. Later at the luau she talks to Teddy and kisses him, but there's no spark and she realizes he's into someone else. She eventually puts together that Ian and Teddy are together and confronts Teddy with it, but also with support leading to him coming out to the rest of the group. In episode 4.24, Silver chose Teddy to be the father of her baby. While discussing baby options, Silver almost kisses Teddy. It reminds them that they never talked about Teddy’s feelings for her when he was “straight”. Thinking that Teddy never really loved her, Silver leaves. Later, Silver asks him if he ever loved her or if it was a lie. Teddy tells her he was never lying to her, he was lying to himself, and he still loves her.


Ian is Teddy's first boyfriend, they first have a drunken hook up and initially there is a great deal of hostility between them and Teddy calls Ian a fag during rehearsals for Silver's Breast Cancer charity function. Later Ian becomes a sort of confidant for Teddy about being gay and is the first person he actually admits it to. In episode 3.14 "All About a Boy" Teddy eventually comes out to his friends, but then discovers it was Ian who was blackmailing him, and Teddy breaks up with him.

Tripp Willinson

Tripp is Teddy's former roommate from prep school. Tripp was the first guy Teddy had feelings for, causing Teddy to leave prep school. While on vacation in Mexico the two run into each other and reconnect, Teddy admits to Tripp that he's gay and Tripp kisses him, and the two sleep together. The next day Teddy finds out Tripp has a boyfriend, is in an open relationship, and still a player. It makes Teddy realize that he wants more, and calls Marco.

Marco Salazar

Marco is a student at Malibu Country Day private school and is on the soccer team. Teddy first encounters him when he accidentally hits him with a tennis ball served off the roof of the school with Silver. He goes to apologize and accidentally lets it slip that he's gay. Marco writes his phone number on the tennis ball before giving it back, confirming that he too is gay. They run into each other again and Marco tells Teddy he's not looking for a hook up. After their trip to Mexico Teddy realizes he isn't either and calls Marco.


Current boyfriend and [unnoficial] husband from a drunken night in Vegas. He and Teddy had a fling after meeting in Barcelona and their meeting is later often explained as simply Barcelona. Shane's job working with a competitor to Teddy's uncle who is said to be the only one who is supportive of him causes conflict but ultimately they reconcile. They later move to Washington DC together and are assumed to be in a relationship still. It is unknown of Shane's opinion on Teddy choosing to become the sperm donor for Silver's baby.


I can handle losing tennis. But I can't handle losing you
– "2021 Vision" (3.03)
Teddy – I just got frustrated
Silver – I get frustrated, too, sometimes, but I don't turn into a homophobic jerk
– "The Bachelors" (3.04)
How am I supposed to ask someone to be okay about who I am, when I'm not?
– "All About a Boy" (3.14)
Liam – I guess I'm not comfortable with the whole gay thing
Teddy – Yeah, neither am I
– "It's High Time" (3.16)
Teddy – I think I'm becoming one of those relationship people. Oh my God, I'm lame
Silver – You are not lame. You're just a good guy who's ready to get back on the relationship burro
Teddy – Still a horrible expression. But yeah, I think I am
Silver – It's really great. To getting back on the burro
– "The Enchanted Donkey" (3.18)
Teddy – Would you dance with me?
Marco – Who am I to refuse the king?
– "The Prom Before the Storm" (3.21)
It was great seeing you Dad and...I'm gay
– "Up in Smoke" (4.01)
Things were so much easier when I knew what my life was going to look like
– "Vegas, Maybe?" (4.08)


  • Teddy is the only main character on 90210 who is openly gay.
  • It`s revealed that the one who found the body in the first season finale was Teddy after´he was coming from a tennis practice he found Joe Herman lying on the ground and calls for help but he was already dead.
  • Teddy, like Ivy, was introduced as a recurring character in season 2 and became a cast member in season 3.
  • Teddy is one of the only three main characters from the 90210 franchise to be part of the LGBT community. The others are Matt Fielding from Melrose Place and Ella Simms from Melrose Place 2.0.
  • His Godfather is Marlon Brando.