Teri Spencer is a recurring character on FOX drama Models Inc.. She is portrayed by Stephanie Romanov.

Character Edit

Teri was a highly successful model, and the sister of fellow model Carrie Spencer. Prior to the beginning of the series, Carrie's career reached the point of slow decline while Teri's began a fast ascent. It was implied that part of this may have been due to sacrifices Carrie made on Teri's behalf. Despite occasional friction, the two women were shown to maintain a close and loving relationship. However, a drunken Teri eventually revealed that Carrie's son, who Carrie believed to have been stillborn, was actually alive.

Teri had kept this secret for years while apparently keeping an eye on the child, who lived with adopted parents. On the same night that she'd revealed this, Teri was pushed from a balcony and died. As the police searched for her killer, several of the people who'd been close to her became suspects. Eventually, the killer was discovered by other members of the main cast, and turned in to the police. Stephanie Romanov later played Monique Duran.

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