Terry O'Brien (Alexandra Paul)

Terry O'Brien, played by Alexandra Paul, was a recurring character introduced in Melrose Place season 7. She made her first appearance in episode 28, Ryan's Choice (air date 5 April 1999).

Terry was the sister of Ryan McBride's wife Callie who had died in a car accident years ago. Terry, who blamed Ryan for her sister's death, had succesfully sued for custody over Ryan's daughter Sarah. She was very protective of Sarah and had made her best to keep Ryan and Sarah apart.

Terry was introduced to the series when Ryan travelled to a catholic boarding school in New York to tell her eight-year-old daughter that he was engaged to Megan Lewis.

Later Terry and Ryan square off over custody of Sarah; things take a turn when Sarah claimed that her aunt had hit her. Ryan however defended Terry and she soon realized that Ryan wasn't such a bad guy after all. Terry quickly started to develop feelings for him. After a failed attempt to seduce Ryan, she agreed to return to New York.

After the wedding of Ryan and Megan, Terry suddenly appears and kidnaps Sarah in her car which leads to a high-speed chase which ends when Terry's car crashes into a telephone pole.

In the fianl episode of the series (Season 7, Episode 35, air date 24 May 1999) it is revealed that both Terry and Sarah survived the crash.

Physical Appearance

Terry was a tall (178 cm) and small chested woman in her early thirties. She had shortish dark hair and hazel eyes. Despite being slim (59 kg) Terry had an athletic body with defined muscles.