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The Blind Date — fourteenth novel in Beverly Hills, 90210 novel series. It's written by Mike F. Thompson and published by VGS in february 1996 in German.

  • ISBN: 3802523385
  • Number of pages: 219
  • Edition: hardcover


For Brenda college life is not easy: studing, hard job and no personal life. How can she meet her only one? That's why she agrre to go on blind date with Stuart — the son of her father's business partner. And this date ends up with proposal...

Kelly and Dylan also go through rough times. Somebody steals Dylan's Porsche in a robbery. As result — Dylan have some problems with the firearms. Kelly meets her ex-boyfriend John Sears.

Brandon meets vicious Lucinda Nicholson. She is ten years old, and it's not going to be a problem... Until Brandon finds out, that she is his professor's wife.


Novel is based on season 4 episodes teleplay.