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The Dreams of Dylan McKay is the 10th episode of Season 5 of Beverly Hills, 90210.


Bizarre dreams mirror Dylan's fight for life as he lies in a coma. Meanwhile, Steve's more bothered than buoyed by the appearance of his dad at a flag-football tournament.


Paramedics have arrived at the car crash site off Mulholland Drive and now Dylan's unconscious body is being transported through rush hour traffic to the hospital. On the playing field at California University an intramural flag football playoff game is underway. Steve has persuaded Brandon to participate, as a personal favor, because the fraternity didn't have a strong team. David and Clare are there with their video cameras to cover the color and action. Clare comments that the whole flag football playoff seems rather sexist, since the girls can only sit on the sidelines and watch. David explains that this is a man's sport, played for "guts and glory." The KEG team is winning by a wide margin and the first team sends in some of their less talented players. Steve's father shows up and, being still very much into fraternity and team sports, criticizes Steve for letting the opponents score. "Make them lose by as big a score as possible," is his motto. Steve's father, Rush Sanders, plunges right in and takes charge. Steve is very unhappy about this.

At the hospital, Dylan is in Intensive Care and connected up to various I.V.s and monitors. Jamie Young, a third year medical student assists Dr. Whittaker and senior nurse, Bethany. Jamie observes the rapid eye movement and comments that the patient is definitely in a heightened dream state. She adds that in some cultures it is believed that during unconsciousness, a person battles for their soul. We share some of the distorted images flashing through Dylan's comatose brain, and then he emerges out into a conscious, yet highly confused state, in which he mistakes a nurse for Mrs. Teasely from high school. Doctors and nurses rush in to examine Dylan but then suddenly he thinks they are Kevin and Suzanne, the couple who swindled him out of his fortune. From somewhere, far away, Dylan hears the pleading calls of young Erica asking him to come save her. Back in a comatose state, he feels he is racing out of the hospital to escape from Kevin and Suzanne. Then he is running down a subway tunnel toward a distant bright light.

At the Walsh house, a phone call comes from Iris McKay, Dylan's mother. The hospital had reached her in Hawaii about Dylan's accident. This is the first time that Dylan's friends hear the tragic news. At the Peach Pit, between the morning and afternoon intramural football games, Brandon, Kelly and Steve drop by for a bite to eat. They are discussing how Steve allows his father to intimidate him. They agree that Rush Sanders is just trying to recapture the glory of his younger years on campus. Nat and Andrea tell them of Dylan's accident and they all lapse into stunned silence. Cindy, Jim and Valerie arrive at the hospital and are questioning the staff about Dylan's condition. As they stand by Dylan's bedside, Jamie tells them that the patient probably senses their presence and hears their voices. Dylan's unconscious brain flashes to a Thanksgiving scene at the Walsh house. There are distorted scenes of the Walshes and Valerie. Other guests include Kevin and Suzanne, who comments on how well their joint business venture is going. The doorbell rings and expecting Erica, Dylan is startled to find Trilling, his drug pusher, standing there. His brain flashes to a new scene. He relives the car explosion that killed his father, Jack McKay.

In the real world, Brandon and Kelly have arrived at the hospital to inquire about Dylan. They find Valerie there and she says he's still in a coma, yet she wonders if her being in his room, in some way, makes it uncomfortable for Dylan. Kelly tells her not to blame herself for what Dylan has done. They all tried to help him but he refused to accept their advice. Kelly goes in to see Dylan. She wonders if he realizes she is there. Dylan's mind is filled again with confused images. There is a wedding ceremony about to begin for Dylan and Kelly. Suddenly, Brandon takes Dylan's place and announces that he is the groom, and then Valerie appears in a duplicate wedding gown and asks Dylan to marry her, after denying that her name is Valerie. She says she is really Brenda. The minister suddenly becomes Trilling, Dylan's drug pusher. Dylan now is racing down a subway tunnel again he can hear the desperate cries of Erica in the distance and the voice of Trilling urging him onward. Back in the real world, Dylan's eyes open slowly, not sure where he is now. His hopes are shattered, however, as he sees the faces of Kevin and Suzanne about to administer an injection into his arm. He reverts back to the dream world. Jamie, the medical student feels additional injections of a detoxifying drug might endanger Dylan's mental functions.

At the Peach Pit, Steve and Nat discuss how they can get financing for the "After Dark" club now that Dylan has admitted he is broke. Nat is not too enthusiastic about going forward with the club idea but Steve says he's going to ask his father, Rush Sanders, for the loan. Andrea, who's been listening, feels it is rather insensitive to be discussing the club, while Dylan is still in a coma. In his unconscious state, Dylan relives the car explosion that killed his father. The drug pusher, Trilling appears beside him. He says he wants to take him for another visit to his past. The pool hall becomes a "house of cheap women," with girls lounging about. Dylan recognizes them as girls he has known. Even Donna is there and makes a play for him. Trilling (the Devil) suddenly moves in and prepares to give Dylan an injection of drugs. Dylan races down the tunnel again and hears Erica’s cries for help. At the campus playing field, Rush Sanders is showing the team a play that had been used when he was a star athlete in the fraternity. Brandon thinks it should be used in their strategy for winning the upcoming game. Rush can't resist knocking Steve for not using the play earlier. Steve is hurt and snaps back in anger at his father, saying that he never stops trying to relive his youth. Brandon tries to calm Steve's frustration and get him to concentrate on winning the game.

In Dylan's confused mental images, he sees a bum in rags who asks for assistance. Trilling is there again trying to egg Dylan onward toward the sound of Erica’s voice. Dylan tells him "to go to hell" and Trilling answers with a smirk saying "he's already been there. In his distorted visions, Dylan finds David and Clare, checking the tunnel as a possible location for a video. In reality, David and Clare are in Dylan's room for a visit and fragments of their conversation are seeping into his mind. Dylan's mind flashes to the pool hall again. Kevin and Suzanne are there cheering his skill as a player, but then they become doctors and Trilling is trying to inject his arm with drugs. In Dylan's room, doctors and nurses rush in as the EEG monitor sounds, and the brain activity line becomes flat. In the final plays of the intramural flag football game, KEG fraternity recovers the ball. Rush moves up to the high bleacher area, so as not to cause Steve any undo pressure. Jim Walsh joins him. Steve agrees with Brandon to use Rush's special play. The strategy works and KEG team wins. Steve waves up to his father in the stands. The real doctors and nurses stand by Dylan's bed. Jamie begs the doctor not to administer anymore of the powerful detoxification drug. A few minutes pass. Suddenly, Dylan's blood pressure builds. The doctor is amazed.

Dylan's mind is filled with random images again. Trilling (the Devil) tries to make a deal with Dylan but he is not sure he can trust this man. Trilling tells Dylan that unless he crosses over to save Erica, Kevin and Suzanne will kill her. The old bum appears and now he is really Jack McKay. He tells his son to keep fighting because the alternative is not pleasant. In the intensive care room, Dylan's vital signs have stabilized and he is out of danger but still unconscious. A big celebration is going on at the campus cafe. Steve stands up to speak and tells his father it was his play that won the game. Rush is pleased and proud. Steve mentions that he could use a loan, for the nightclub. At the hospital, Iris McKay has arrived and sits by Dylan's bedside. Dylan's eyes flutter open. Hesitantly, Dylan asks if he is back in the real world. She smiles assuringly, as she presses the intercom to summon the doctor.


Jason Priestley as Brandon Walsh
Jennie Garth as Kelly Taylor
Ian Ziering as Steve Sanders
Gabrielle Carteris as Andrea Zuckerman
Luke Perry as Dylan McKay
Brian Austin Green as David Silver
Tori Spelling as Donna Martin
Tiffani Thiessen as Valerie Malone
Carol Potter as Cindy Walsh
James Eckhouse as Jim Walsh

Special Guest Stars

Joe E. Tata as Nat Bussichio
Stephanie Beacham as Iris McKay
Kathleen Robertson as Clare Arnold
Noley Thornton as Erica McKay

Recurring cast

Jed Allan as Rush Sanders
Ryan Brown as Morton Muntz

Guest starring

Josh Taylor as Jack McKay
Kerrie Keane as Suzanne Steele
David Hayward as Kevin Weaver
Jonathan Gries as Trilling
Kristen Dalton as Jamie Young
Clayton Rohner as Dr. Fox
Denise Dowse as Yvonne Teasley
Carole Ita White as Nurse Bethany
Robert David Hall as Beggar
Richard Reicheg as Doctor



  • Scott Paulin (Corey Randall), who directs the episode, appears as the vicar in Dylan's coma dream


  • Rosin wanted "Mr. Jones" by Counting Crows to play in Dylan's bar dream where he makes out with multiple girls.[1]
  • "Canon in D" by Pachelbel plays during the wedding part of Dylan's coma dreams


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