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The French Rival — second novel in UK Beverly Hills 90210 book series written by Lawrence Crown and published in 1991 by «Boxtree».

  • ISBN: 1-85283-671-7
  • Number of pages: 128
  • Photo section: none
  • Cover photo: E. J. Camp
  • Number of chapters: 20


Things are going well for Brenda — that is until Nicole, Dylan's ex-girlfriend, comes over from Paris. Brenda's world looks like it's ready to fall aprt. And then Brandon starts falling for Nicole...


  • Nicole Didier — Dylan's first love. She is a coltish, self-assured girl with short auburn hair and big dark eyes. Her father is the French Counsil in Los Angeles. She'd lived in the Ambassador's official residence in Holmby Hills with her family. She speaks English with a little French accent. Her father was against Dylan seeing Nicole. So the girl returned to France and entered a convent school.


  • The only original novel in a UK series NOT based on show's teleplay. The other one was published in US series — Fantasies.

International Titles[]

  • Brendas Rivalin (Germany)