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The Long Wait is the 6th and final episode of BH90210.


As the cast celebrates the wrap of the pilot, the looming news of a pick-up from FOX keeps them all on edge. Ian realizes his relationship with Anna might be a little too casual, Jennie thinks Wyatt might be in too deep, Tori gets frustrated with Nate, and Shay drops a major bombshell on Brian. Meanwhile, Jason and Camille come to a realization about their marriage, Gabrielle introduces her husband to Christine, and Shannen stresses over the future.


Gabrielle Carteris as "Gabrielle Carteris"
Shannen Doherty as "Shannen Doherty"/Brenda Walsh
Jennie Garth as "Jennie Garth"
Brian Austin Green as "Brian Austin Green"
Jason Priestley as "Jason Priestley"/Brandon Walsh
Tori Spelling as "Tori Spelling"
Ian Ziering as "Ian Ziering"/Steve Sanders
Special Guest Star
Christine Elise as "Christine Elise"
Recurring cast
La La Anthony as Shay
Vanessa Lachey as Camille
Ivan Sergei as Nate
David Cubitt as Chris
Ty Wood as Zach
Natalie Sharp as Anna Blakemore
Brendan Penny as Wyatt Jackson
Karis Cameron as Kyler Norris
Guest starring
Denise Richards as "Denise Richards"
Takaya Ayanna Kelly as KJ
Jasmine Lukuku as Stage Manager
Cruze McKinnon as Declan
Jordyn Oladapo as Bryce
Bailey Skodje as Emma
Beckham Skodje as Rocco
Milah Thompson as Olivia
Kate Whiddington as Bea


  • Ian reconnects with Denise Richards at the New York Upfronts and they sleep together.
  • Anna turns out to be Denise's daughter


  • Ian dreams that he tells Steve Sanders to:
    • Cut the mullet
    • Never wear tank tops!
    • Pay the legacy key forward
  • Shannen, while meditating, dreams of being Brenda, in the Walsh house, lying in bed and talking about being back from London. Beside her in the bed is Brandon, who kisses her and Shannen awakes, grossed out.


  • Shannen, Jennie and Tori all show up to the Upfront presentation in a red dress, while the other four provide commentary amongst themselves
  • The audience responses to the "Beverly Hills, 90210 Reboot" contain, among others, people being weirded out by the “sexual chemistry between Brenda and Brandon”.
    • "Jason"'s reaction is knowing disbelief and "Shannen" is grossed out
  • Some of the people that were part of the test group found Andrea Zuckerman being gay or bi 'pretty funny'.
    • Audiences want Brenda to be more of a troublemaker.
      • Shannen responds to this by saying to herself that Brenda was never a troublemaker. If anyone was, it'd be Kelly who was also a sl**.
    • With Jason, audiences loved seeing Brandon Walsh and Kelly Taylor together.
    • Audiences also related to Kelly Taylor's struggle as a middle-aged woman, but found her story arc depressing.
    • Steve Sanders macho swagger feels old school; like being in a time capsule.
    • Tori is called polarizing, but audiences say that as Donna she’s completely endearing; especially when she’s with David Silver.
    • Audiences think David Silver is now improbably sexy
  • According to Christine, there was an OC reboot in the works, with apparently Mischa Barton tweeting up a storm, and her Marissa character seemingly being back from the dead.


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