This is different. Brenda and Dylan are living together. They're making a statement. A beautiful statement
—Kelly, to Brenda and Donna
The Twins, the Trustee, And The Very Big Trip is the 2nd episode of Season 3 of Beverly Hills, 90210.


Kelly's sudden embrace of family values leads to a bridging of the gap between Brenda and her parents, but not before Jim plays hardball with Dylan; and twins turn the tables on a thoughtless Steve.


David is outside a hospital nursery, making a video about his new sister, Erin, born two days ago. Kelly is clearly still not thrilled to be a big sister and is calling the baby “it.” At the Walshes’, Jim is ranting about Brenda’s out-of-control behavior. Cindy corrects that she’s in perfect control and has been since Jim started his war against Dylan. His complaints aren’t going to fix anything. Cindy suggests holding out a little longer to see what happens. Brenda cleans Dylan’s place and generally acts like a housewife while Dylan tries to continue to bach it up. At the beach club, Steve flirts with a girl named Rory while Donna and Kelly discuss their upcoming six-week trip to Paris. Donna’s nervous about the trip since she doesn’t speak French. Kelly spots Cindy but only talks to her after she confirms that Brenda and her parents are still on the outs. Brandon also meets Rory and flirts with her. He and Steve celebrate their successes at picking up girls, soon realizing they picked up the same girl. Steve decides not to compete with Brandon since he’s sure Brandon will win. But when Rory walks by, she tells Steve she’ll see him in a couple of hours. Another look around helps the guys realize that there’s not one but two Rorys: They’re identical twins. The guys suggest double-dating.

Brandon runs into Cindy, who’s at the club without Jim; he’s too busy moping to come to the beach. She asks Brandon to go check on Brenda for them. Kelly holds the baby for the first time and finally drops her attitude. Brenda and Dylan fight like a married couple and are interrupted by Brandon; they try to pretend everything’s fine. Later, Brandon reports to his parents that he knows Brenda isn’t completely happy. Also, Dylan’s sleeping on the couch. Brandon advises his parents to extend an olive branch. Jackie goes to check on the baby in the middle of the night and finds Kelly taking care of her. She’s become very philosophical about babies and sisterhood and family. She doesn’t want to miss out on enjoying time with her family, now that she finally has one, so she wants to skip the trip to Paris. The next day, Kelly and Donna tell Brenda that Kelly’s not going to Europe but Donna’s mom is making her go by herself. Donna asks Brenda to come instead, but Brenda declines. Dylan complains to Brandon about how crazy Brenda’s making him. Brandon reminds him that he can send her home, but Dylan wants to stand by his principles. Brenda visits Cindy at home and pretends that everything is going great. She clearly misses home but won’t move back in until Jim shows her some respect. Cindy reminds her that she has to earn respect. Brenda mentions that Kelly isn’t going to Paris after all; she kind of wishes she could go instead.

At the beach club, Steve asks Brandon if they can spend the day as planned (Steve with Rory, Brandon with her sister Claire), then swap sisters the next day. Then if one is a “dud,” neither guy is stuck with her. Brandon thinks this is because Steve doesn’t like Rory. Steve just wasn’t thrilled to spend his date with her in the ER, since Rory thought she had food poisoning. They go get the girls but Rory still isn’t feeling well. Cindy tells Jim that she thinks Brenda came over looking for a way to make peace. If he wants to make things right with her, he needs to listen to his wife. Dylan comes home to a moping Brenda, who tells him about her visit to see Cindy. She wonders if the Walshes would have been better off if they’d stayed in Minnesota. Rory still isn’t 100 percent, telling Steve that now she has sinusitis. Dylan gets a letter from his trustees summoning him to Jim’s office the next day: Jim’s considering freezing his accounts. Steve still wants to swap dates, but Brandon doesn’t want to have to go out with Rory just because Steve has a twin thing. He knows the sisters will be insulted if Steve suggests a switch. He’s wrong, since the girls are already on board. Donna begs David to come to Paris with her, but he’s taking summer classes so he can graduate early. Brenda and Kelly talk on the phone, and Kelly’s clearly gone off the deep end with the baby love. Brenda thanks Dylan for going to see Jim and standing up for her. Dylan notes that he doesn’t really have a choice.

At their meeting, Jim tells Dylan that since he’s cohabitating with a minor, he’s committing statutory rape and jeopardizing his trust. Jim’s allowed to freeze his assets until Brenda moves out. Dylan says Jim and Brenda’s inability to communicate isn’t his fault; Jim agrees, but it’s still his problem. He can tell that things aren’t perfect at home, so he asks Dylan to help him and Cindy convince Brenda to go to Paris with Donna. Dylan calls it blackmail. Jim calls it “creative parenting.” Brandon is still against the twin swap, telling Steve to go out with Claire while he breaks up with Rory. The twins arrive, dressed identically, and Brandon starts to give Rory the news, then realizes she’s not Rory. Claire’s going out with Steve to get revenge for the swap idea. Dylan tells Brenda they’re going to dinner at the Walshes’ whether she likes it or not. Steve tries to hook up with Claire, telling her that Rory’s boring and less hot than her twin. He makes out with her until she tells him she’s really Rory. Dylan takes Brenda home for dinner, asking her not to say anything she’ll regret later. She decides not to talk at all. Jim presents her with a ticket to Paris with the idea of giving everyone some space. Brenda sees it as a way to get her away from Dylan, as well as a bribe. She’s upset and storms out. Dylan tries to convince her that she’s giving up a great opportunity just to stick it to her father.

Cindy admits to Brenda that the trip was her idea, and she didn’t mean for it to be a way to keep her and Dylan apart. She wanted to spend her junior year at the Sorbonne but stayed in Minnesota to be with Jim. Now it’s 20 years later and she’s never been anywhere. Cindy knows the family will get through their problems whether Brenda goes to Paris or not. Brenda wonders why things are always so complicated, but Dylan tells her getting on a plane is simple. If their relationship can’t survive six weeks apart, then Jim’s right and they don’t belong together. Brenda makes her decision, and Dylan tells Jim that he got what he wanted. Jim thinks the Paris trip will be good for everyone. Dylan agrees, saying that’s why he didn’t tell Brenda about the whole trust thing. He adds that Jim only needs to ask him for things in the future. The next day, Brandon complains to Steve that after Brenda tantrums and running away, she gets to go to Paris. (Dude, good point. Talk about creative parenting) Steve admits that his strikeout with Rory was one of the most embarrassing moments in his life. Brandon invites Andrea to a goodbye party for Brenda, but she already has plans with Jay. Brandon is totally, not in any way, shape, or form jealous.

Jim advises Brenda to spend some of her time in Paris thinking about the kind of relationship she wants to have with her family. Brenda thanks him for giving her another chance. Everyone says goodbye to Brenda and Donna, the latter of whom is no longer sad but is now scared since she’s afraid of flying. As they leave, Kelly tells Dylan that she might not stay with Jake – in fact, she might get together with Dylan. The last thing Brenda sees as she heads to the airport is Kelly and Dylan together.


Jason Priestley as Brandon Walsh
Shannen Doherty as Brenda Walsh
Jennie Garth as Kelly Taylor
Ian Ziering as Steve Sanders
Gabrielle Carteris as Andrea Zuckerman
Luke Perry as Dylan McKay
Brian Austin Green as David Silver
Tori Spelling as Donna Martin
Carol Potter as Cindy Walsh
James Eckhouse as Jim Walsh

Recurring cast

Ann Gillespie as Jackie Taylor

Guest starring

Leanna Creel as Claire
Monica Creel as Rory
Peter Krause as Jay Thurman

Quotes Edit

Hey, I'm sorry, even on good days I can be a bear in the morning. But I do love you, you know that
—Dylan's not hungry
DylanIt is not my fault that you can't communicate with your daughter
JimYou're right. It's not your fault – it's your problem
―Legal action


  • Brenda and Dylan squabble like a testy married couple
  • David's going to summer school so he can graduate early
  • Jim actually goes as far as to threaten to accuse Dylan of statutory rape because Brenda is living with him
  • Jim and Cindy met their sophomore year in college


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