• Hey Virvar, just wanted to quickly check in how things are going, as well as wish the wiki a happy twelfth birthday today! That's quite the achievement for a wiki. You may be super proud of all the work you've done here to get it to be in the condition it is today, so as far as I'm concerned, you both deserve cake today!!

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    • Hi!

      Aw thanks so much! I'd no idea about the birthday, but indeed, a milestone!

      I'm just hoping everyone gets something good out of this wiki, I wanted it to be a hub for this childhood series of mine ;)

      Couldn't think of anything I wanted to bring up, do you have any thoughts on improvements/changes? :)

      Thanks again!!

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    • That's a very nice goal indeed! Hehe, you're basically creating your own little "memoir"-wiki; if you should have kids and they ever ask you what you did when you were young, just point them here :-p

      The wiki is looking very good overall. At this point, I'm going to do my own little project of making sure this wiki and the 90210 USA Wiki have enough links to each other to sort of pull one another up since the shows are obviously related. No need to go through the trouble of merging them, but I'm just going to see they have sufficient links to each other to provide easy navigation (so if you randomly see me pop up some time, this is probably the reason why).

      The only thing I could suggest for this wiki as this point is an adjustment of the wiki logo to include the word "wiki", recreate the background to fit the proper size (as it now is flanked by this white rim for me, which doesn't look great), and adjust the favicon to be transparent. Which sounds like a lot but are generally small things with which I can help if you want. Perhaps it is also time to remove the Perry memorial note? Without much other notice for that on the wiki, it sort of comes across as being this wiki's or the show's tagline, which isn't the intention, obviously.

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