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Two Hearts — sixth novel in Beverly Hills 90210 book series written by Mel Gilden. It was published in february 1993 by HarperPaperbacks.

  • ISBN — 0-06-106-144-1
  • Printed in USA
  • 188 pages


SOMETHING IN THE AIR... And the cool kids of West Beverly High are ready for a bit of excitement to spice up their long winter nights.

Has Brandon captured the heart of a beautiful figure skater or will he get chilled by the power of the ice?

Can Brenda keep her cool when things heat up fast with a gorgeous, older guy from her exercise class?

Will Dylan be able to keep his distance when an old friend from the past resurfaces and wants something more?

From the blinding bright lights of the skating rink to the cold, rough waters of the ocean, romance runs wild as the Walsh twins and their hip friends discover that sometimes sparks fly where they're last expected...


Includes introduction Stiff Competition. List of chapters:

  1. The Games People Play
  2. No Cream Stuff
  3. «I Could Have Been A Contender»
  4. Distractions
  5. Business As Usual
  6. The Beat Goes On
  7. Busting Out
  8. The Program
  9. Did You Ever Have To Make Up Your Mind?
  10. Pick Up On One And Leave The Other Tehond
  11. Secrets That Pass In The Nights
  12. Indecent Proposal
  13. You Bet Your Life
  14. A Day At The Races
  15. Follow Your Heart


Novel is based on season 2 episodes teleplay:

International Titles[]

  • Dve Srdce (Czech Republic)
  • Twee Harten (Nederlands)
  • Dwa Serca (Poland)

Photo Section[]

Cover and insert photos by Andrew Semel and Timothy White.