Violet Foster, played by Ashlee Simpson-Wentz, was a character introduced in Melrose Place 2.0, the fifth series in the Beverly Hills, 90210 continuity. Violet was described in an article as a small-town teen who is "fresh off the turnip truck" but knows how to "play the sex kitten" when necessary. Her character has been compared to her mother from the original series by the media.

Character arcEdit

Melrose Place (2009)Edit

Violet Foster was the biological daughter of Sydney Andrews, who gave her up for adoption when she was born. She was introduced in the pilot as the newest tenant at 4616 Melrose Place, and initially appeared to be a mild-mannered small-town girl. Though Sydney denied their connection at first, she later embraced Violet as her daughter. Upon later finding out her mother was dead, Violet went out for revenge. Initially suspecting Michael Mancini of killing Sydney, she had sex with him, videotaped it, and used the video to briefly blackmail him. She also had a very intimate relationship with recovering alcoholic and fellow tenant Auggie Kirkpatrick. When Michael's wife Vanessa became a suspect in the Sydney case, she came to the apartment looking for her son Noah, who'd been temporarily left in Violet's care. She then pulled a gun on Violet, resulting in a struggle that threw both women into the complex's pool. Violet then drowned Vanessa, but Amanda Woodward convinced the police that it was an act of self-defense.

The next day Violet decided to leave town with Auggie to develop their relationship. A picture of her mom, Sydney, was her last item she packed away in her bag. She was last seen riding off on a highway on Auggie's motorcycle with him.


Ashlee Simpson-Wentz's portrayal of Violet Foster has been heavily criticized by critics and fans, and was reportedly disliked by cast members. It was announced in October 2009 that Simpson-Wentz and Colin Egglesfield would be leaving the series after the conclusion of the "Sydney Andrews murder mystery" storyline.


  • In the fourth episode, when the detectives question her concerning her occupation, they assume that she may be an actress or singer. Ironically, Simpson-Wentz is a singer and an actress.