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This episode contains references to mental illness.

Vital Signs is the 30th episode of Season 4 of Beverly Hills, 90210.


Andrea is hospitalized; Brenda gets an opening-night gift; Dylan considers investing in Kevin; David impresses a band.


It's three o'clock in the morning at Andrea and Jesse's apartment. She reacts to the alarm clock and dutifully tosses down her prescription pills. She sees a light on in the living room and finds Jesse busy sanding an old baby crib. Andrea tells him he ought to be studying because they won't need the crib for weeks yet. At the Walsh house, Cindy comments that the Times Calendar Section has an announcement about the play opening tonight, starring Brenda Walsh. Brandon hurries off to campus to inspect the "task force" handbooks that are due of the press this morning. Cindy says they must be doing something right in raising their children, since one is starring in a play and the other is going to Washington to meet the President. Dylan and Kelly are awakened by Erica, who says she has to talk to Dylan. She says she overheard her parents say they plan to move to South America and wants Dylan to stop them. When Dylan speaks with Kevin and Suzanne, he finds out that Erica has misunderstood. They discussed a possible move to the "Southwest," probably Arizona, to work with a company there. Erica protests that Arizona is still a long distance away. Kelly passes through the living room as the group talks. She makes an excuse about stopping by to pick up something. At the beach apartment, Donna and David are not seeing eye to eye on the selection of music tapes for the C.U. Mardi Gras festivities. They finally settle on a band called "Babyface" and Donna says she'll try to book them.

Brandon inspects the newly printed Task Force handbooks in Chancellor Arnold's outer office. The foreword he wrote is there, but upon closer inspection, he finds his name has been omitted from the list of delegates going to Washington. Arnold's secretary says the Chancellor personally did the final proofing of the handbook. She adds that he is on a conference call and cannot be disturbed right now. At the doctor's office, Andrea is disturbed to receive less than a favorable medical report on her pregnancy. The pills she's taking don't seem to be controlling her preterm labor, Dr. Gordon recommends Andrea be checked into the hospital so she can be monitored constantly and hopefully prevent the baby arriving prematurely. Brandon stops by the dormitory to help Steve pack up Laura's personal things for shipping to her parents in Fresno. The parents told Steve that Laura had attempted suicide before, he says, and adds that he and Brandon both seem to be attracted to the "unstable" girls. Brandon mentions that he thinks Clare is responsible for getting him dropped from the group who is going to Washington. At the theater, Brenda has arrived very early and sits in her dressing room. Roy Randolph drops in and spots a small gift package on her makeup table. Brenda hadn't seen it and now quickly opens the wrapping to reveal a St. Genesius medal. It's from Dylan, and Brenda is very pleased to received it. Andrea and Jesse are packing to go to the hospital. She is very nervous and increasingly blames herself for these pregnancy complications. Jesse tries to reassure her by showing her the baby crib that he has now finished painting.

The performances in the play were excellent and Dylan, Cindy, Jim, Erica, Donna and Kelly head backstage to congratulate Brenda. Brandon holds back as he spots Chancellor Arnold. Arnold greets him but then quickly moves off with friends when Brandon mentions the delegates list for the trip to Washington. He tries to make an appointment for the next day to discuss the omission of his name, but again, Arnold turns away. Brandon is now convinced that Clare has made up some lie to her father. Andrea is checked into her hospital room and all the medical monitors are in place. Jesse is hesitant to leave but finatily realizes he can't really contribute anything by staying. Andrea reminds him that he has a final examination tomorrow and he should be studying. Backstage everyone crowds around Brenda to extend congratulations. Kelly covers her slight disappointment at not being the center of attention, but does bristle when Dylan comments about how happy Erica is to, at least, have a big sister, like Brenda. Dylan catches Jim Walsh's ear for a moment to make an appointment with him to discuss possibly investing in Kevin's environmental cleanup plans. David joins Donna as she tries to book "Babyface" for the C.U. carnival. He waits in the reception area and while there, strikes up a conversation with a trainee named Ariel Hunter. They talk about their favorite music groups and find they like the same ones. She mentions she has a group of good young musicians who play together. She invites David to drop by and join them if he would like. The idea intrigues David, and he tells Ariel he'll give her a call here at work.

In the campus parking lot, Brandon and Kelly talk. Brandon tells her he's hoping to have a word with Chancellor Arnold, when he arrives. He needs to discuss why his name has been deleted from the conference list. Spotting the Chancellor's car, Brandon dashes over but is disappointed to see his secretary, Peggy. When he asks if he can see Arnold for a few minutes, she says it is not a good time, because he's very busy. Dylan meets with Jim Walsh at the house to discuss investing some of his inheritance in Kevin's pollution cleanup business. Jim feels he needs to talk with Kevin first. They arrange for a lunch meeting next day. Before Dylan leaves, he talks to Brenda in the kitchen. She is still excited about the review of her performance in the campus newspaper. Brenda gives him a warm kiss of thanks for his gift of the St. Genesis medal. The kiss brings back a flood of emotion to them both and they stand unsure of themselves for a moment. A very bored Andrea is delighted to see Donna. Brandon is in the corridor talking to Jesse who tells him Andrea will have to pull out of college for the rest of the semester. As Brandon comes in to say "hello" to Andrea, the doctor also stops by. He says he wants to do an amniocentesis test because excessive fluid can cause birth defects. Andrea tries to keep a cheerful outlook. At a rehearsal studio, David arrives early and is at the keyboard when Ariel comes in with two young musicians named Lenny and P.K. As David moves back to the keyboard, the others join in, beginning to like what they hear. It's late and Dylan, Kelly, Brandon and Steve are at the Peach Pit. Brenda comes in with Nat, who is still raving about her performance. Everybody applauds as Brenda does a comic bow. Brenda is still cool toward Steve and hurt that he has not been to see her in the play.

Andrea wakes from a dream and Dottie, the nurse, is there checking her chart. Andrea feels very relieved that her dream ended happily with her finding the crying infant and calming its fears. Dottie says that's a good sign. The jam session ends and the other musicians congratulate David on his skill. Donna and Ariel cross over to them with good news. The group has been signed for their first gig as the opening act for the Babyface band. When Lenny mentions Andy, the drug pusher, as being a friend, David begins to worry that this may be the wrong group for him. At a buffet brunch at the Walsh house, Jim is impressed with Kevin's ideas and credentials. Dylan announces that he would like to be one of the first investors in this new venture. Finally, Brandon has had enough of Chancellor Arnold's evasive tactics. He bursts into the Chancellor's office on Sunday as he is doing some work. Brandon confronts him about being left off the list for the conference in Washington, and without giving Arnold a chance to explain, pushes forward full steam. Brandon says he was attracted to Clare but out of respect to Chancellor Arnold, he kept her at arm's length and then she got angry and probably made up some lie about him. Arnold finally gets a word in, explaining a typo error was the reason Brandon was not on the list. He adds that his daughter is spoiled and needed exactly the treatment Brandon gave her. Brandon stands embarrassed but relieved to have heard the truth.

Donna is puzzled that David lacks any enthusiasm about performing with the new music group. David confesses that these guys are into drugs and he doesn't want to be tempted to get hooked again. Donna says she's cancelling their performance, and David can help her with the lights and props for Babyface's appearance. David agrees to help her. Kelly comments to Dylan that they seem to have nothing in common anymore except a sexual relationship. Dylan says he feels the tension too and is willing to try harder to overcome their misunderstandings. Before he has finished the sentence, however, Kelly's resentment of Brenda, Suzanne and Erica and their 'influence' over Dylan surfaces again. Dylan has had enough of their bickering. He turns away, jumps in his car and drives off. They both feel that this could be the end of their relationship.


Jason Priestley as Brandon Walsh
Shannen Doherty as Brenda Walsh
Jennie Garth as Kelly Taylor
Ian Ziering as Steve Sanders
Gabrielle Carteris as Andrea Zuckerman
Luke Perry as Dylan McKay
Brian Austin Green as David Silver
Tori Spelling as Donna Martin
Carol Potter as Cindy Walsh
and James Eckhouse as Jim Walsh
Special Guest Stars
Joe E. Tata as Nat Bussichio
Noley Thornton as Erica McKay
Mark Damon Espinoza as Jesse Vasquez
Recurring cast
Kerrie Keane as Suzanne Steele
David Hayward as Kevin Weaver
Nicholas Pryor as Chancelor Arnold
Guest starring
Jason Carter as Roy Randolph
Pierre Epstein as Eddie
Kari Wuhrer as Ariel Hunter
Julie Payne as Peggy
Matthew Faison as Dr. Gordon
Ron Carlson as P.K.
David Youse as Tom
Yuri Ogawa as Dottie
Kevin Krakower as Lenny


I still think you should be with Brenda
—Erica to Dylan, wise beyond her years
Would you look at her. She always wanted a big sister
—Dylan to Kelly, about Erica and Brenda


  • The band members are Carlos, Lenny and PK
  • Steve tells Brandon that Laura's parents told him that Laura had tried to commit suicide before
  • Dylan and Kelly finally break up
  • Half of the scene where David and Donna are in the apartment with the boom box in front of them has been edited out of the DVD release. The part that has been edited out is Donna announcing to David that she has secured Babyface for the gig at the CU carnival and then David playing a Babyface song for Donna.



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David and Donna in the apartment together, Donna announces that she has secured Babyface for the CU Carnival
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