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Why — song by Cathy Dennis from Beverly Hills, 90210: The Soundtrack album. It was written by Cathy Dennis and Poku, produced by D:Mob. Song is recorded and released in 1994. Song is dedicated in memory of Philip Hall — he died in December 1993.


UK and Europe CD Single
  1. Why (Radio Edit) — 4:07
  2. Why (Tee's Radio Edit) — 3:41
  3. Why (R&B Edit) — 4:05
  4. Why (Monster Club Mix) — 7:44
  5. Why (Tee's Club Mix) — 6:51
  6. Why (Dean Street Mix) — 8:11

Episodes & Music Video[]

Music video was directed by Jason Priestley for season 3 closing credits of episodes A Night To Remember and Something In The Air. Cathy Dennis also appeared as guest star in A Night To Remember, where she performed her songs Moments Of Love and Touch Me (All Night Long).