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Wyatt Jackson is a recurring character on BH90210, portrayed by Brendan Penny.


Wyatt works as a bodyguard for TV stars. He's calm, kind and a bit cheeky, a good-natured guy.


After the cast have each been sent mutilated Beverly Hills, 90210 dolls[1],some of them get assigned protection. Wyatt arrives at Jennie Garth's home and is semi-surprisingly attacked by her with a shovel. Being equipped at his job, Wyatt disarms her and introduces himself, finding her charming and funny.[2]

He is next seen having breakfast with Jennie and Kyler, and when asked to intervened, he calmly states that he’s not getting in the middle of a family dispute. When he meets Jason Priestley in the elevator, he tells Jason that his mom was a huge fan of his back in the day. Jennie laughs at the subtle diss. He also makes sure that Kyler doesn't do any drinking at the cast party she and Jennie go to for the reboot. Eventually Kyler reveals to Jennie that she was the one that slashed the car’s tire and left the knife there. She says it was done as a way of keeping Wyatt around because she saw how happy she’s been lately. When Jennie tries to tell Wyatt about it, he reveals he knew all along, and that he'd a bad bodyguard if he didn't notice.[3]

Despite saying he had a strict no dating the client policy, he is next seen being beckoned by Jennie to her trailer where the two make out and presumably hook up inside there. Later, he is laying on a couch watching golf in the morning with Jennie. Then she gets on his lap and they kiss. She asks him about his re-assignment, and he tells her that they are having a hard time finding a replacement for him. Apparently, everyone else is scared of Jennie [4]. However, Tori eventually lets it slip to Wyatt that Jennie hates golf and talks about the golf clubs that Jennie threw out, which belong to her now ex-husband [5].


  • He tells Jennie that since there haven’t been any new stalker threats, he might get re-assigned to the Empire since he hears there’s a lot of issues there.[6]
  • He gets Jennie's initials tattooed on one of his pecs as sign of how much he likes her. [7]


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